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Overreaction Theatre: The team that cost 76 Alaskas

Early Doors

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Real Madrid beat Sevilla 2-0 in the European Super Cup with two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo. The team also contained world record signing Gareth Bale, and new €81m signing James Rodriguez AND Karim Benzema AND Toni Kroos AND Luka Modric.

It could never work, could it?

The starting line-up came in with a hefty final price tag of €458.5m (£364m) or to put it in to some context using US dollars:

You had to feel sorry for Sevilla.

Sevilla's secret weapon didn't even work.

But at least they seemed to have been allocated the more competent performers at the opening ceremony.

Despite winning the match, James had a quiet enough debut for Real Madrid, it was almost as if something was missing.

But Toni Kroos was superb.

All-in-all, everybody involved with Real Madrid seemed to enjoy their night…well almost everybody.

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