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Overreaction Theatre: ‘Traitor’ Lampard ‘is dead to me’

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The news that Chelsea legend Frank Lampard is poised to join Manchester City on a short-term loan deal was always likely to provoke some frothy-mouthed reaction on Twitter.


And so it proved as a certain segment of Chelsea fans reacted with horror as they contemplated seeing their all-time record scorer decked out in a paler shade of blue.

In fairness, there do seem to be rather more people criticising Chelsea fans for calling Lampard a traitor than there are Chelsea fans calling Lampard a traitor.

But still, the sentiment exists nonetheless. Here is what Twitter had to offer on the big story of the day.

And soon the memes started rolling in...

There even appeared to be a case of a shirt burning episode:

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However, a quick image search revealed what the first result for 'Chelsea shirt burn' was, meaning the image above was quickly exposed as a hoax.
The joker above also posted the following image, which amused us:

This one also looked a bit suspect to us:

But there was a rather more serious case of a shirt burning, as this alarming picture showed:

And not everyone was impressed with City's latest acquisition...

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