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Overreaction Theatre: When is a trophy REALLY a trophy?

Early Doors

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So Arsenal have won their second trophy in a matter months after going nine years without one – ehh that is of course if you count the Community Shield as a trophy. You do right?

Hmmm....the celebrations were a BIT much though, I mean you wouldn't see other teams going so crazy now would you?

We need some clarity here!

Either way, it seems Arsenal fans are feeling rather smug, especially when you consider comments made by a certain Mr Mourinho last season.

And we all know what happens when Arsenal enjoy some success.

Still it was impressive enough to make one man wonder just what he had done.

It was certainly a tough watch for Manchester City 'fans' like this guy…

And ehh…this guy (maybe???)

There were a few big talking points from the match, with number three on this next list in particular grabbing people's attention.

But anyway, at least Arsenal could celebrate winning a trophy 'the right way.'

Dare to dream?

Maybe they should hold fire just a little bit.

Because after all…

It's good to have you back football!

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