Early Doors

Overreaction Theatre: The Wenger Bus and the SAS records

Early Doors

The accidental sending off of Kieran Gibbs by Andre Marriner for a foul committed by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain during the Arsenal v Chelsea clash sparked a string of internet comedians wondering what else could be pinned on the Arsenal star.

All in good fun, we think you'll agree, though as ever there's always someone who goes too far and spoils the joke for everyone:

One thing that the Gibbs incident did brilliantly was to take the attention away from Arsene Wenger's humiliating defeat in his 1,000th match in charge - a defeat so bad that he refused even to face the press. Wenger had an excuse - that Mourinho's press conference went on so long that the Arsenal team bus had already left.

Predictably, not everyone bought it:

Some Arsenal fans thought the defeat means nothing about the brilliance of the man in charge:

But others were less forgiving.

Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge's goals in the crazy 6-3 win over Cardiff City saw the duo take their season tally up to 47 goals - at the time eclipsing the whole of Manchester United's squad, who had mustered 46 between them when the final whistle blew in Cardiff. Even before the match (and Suarez's last-minute strike to complete his hat-trick) people were all over that stat:

Reds fans went a bit bananas with the news:

Though this chap somehow actually managed to underplay the whole thing:

Considering that Suarez has 28 goals this term, while Ronaldo (Spain's top scorer) has 25 and Messi a mere 16, there's really not much need to caveat the statement that he's "not far behind".

Elsewhere, Kevin Phillips got himself into a spot of bother trying to analyse Tottenham's late winner against Southampton.

But even Silev Gujedson's winner wasn't enough to convince many Spurs fans that the man in charge was up to scratch. Poor Tim.

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