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Palace fans outraged by United fans’ plan to wear Eric Cantona masks

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Crystal Palace supporters are outraged about plans by visiting Manchester United fans to wear Eric Cantona masks at Selhurst Park on Saturday, claiming it mocks the death of one of their own.

United supporters plan a tribute to Cantona at the ground where he assaulted Palace fan Matthew Simmons with a kung-fu kick in January 1995.

It is not the Cantona kick in isolation that has offended some Palaces diehards, rather the murder of Palace supporter Paul Nixon, who was killed during a fight between both groups of fans outside a Walsall pub when the clubs met in the FA Cup semi-finals at Villa Park three months later.

Some of the comments below from Twitter tend to suggest that tensions are running high ahead of the match.

Some fans of Palace were so upset some could not stomach attending the replay against United days later such was their outrage.

Several Palace fans have claimed that paying tribute to Cantona also glories the death of Nixon. United fans can't see why. Neither can Early Doors. ED does not see the link.

Tragic as those events were, how can Eric Cantona kicking a fan be linked to somebody's death months later? It doesn't make any sense despite what some Palace fans are arguing.

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