Early Doors

Paraguayan star lands flying kick to referee’s face

Early Doors

Fans around the world have been left shocked at footage showing a Paraguayan footballer's shocking attack on a referee.

The incident took place in the 71st minute of the Liga del Sud championship final between Coronel Romero and Porvenir, and all started when Porvenir's Aldo Olmedo was sent off for a brutal challenge while his team were trailing 2-0.

Porvenir's players erupted in outrage, with one confronting and chest-bumping referee Wildo Amarilla and another shoving him from behind.

Amarilla, no doubt outraged at being assaulted, instantly sent both players off. Unfortunately, that only made things worse.

The entire Porvenir team then poured towards the ref, who rather understandably started making his way off the pitch. But Porvenir winger Marcos Leguizamon was having none of it, and to make sure he got his revenge in on the match officialy he launched himself into a flying kick to the head.

The blow landed squarely on its target, with Amarilla doing well to stay on his feet and run away in terror.

Police were called in immediately to calm what was turning into a riot, and the match was abandoned.

That left one wrinkle to be ironed out: with the match not being finished, Coronel Romero are yet to officially be crowned champions despite their goals from Jesus Fretes and Leonardo Benitez.

But league officials are meeting this Friday to sort out the mess, give Coronel Romero the title - and hand out what must necessarily be an enormous ban to Leguizamon.

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