Early Doors

Peruvian top flight star sends his team down with hilarious own goal

Early Doors

The new Premier League season might only just have kicked off in England, but over in Peru they were just 180 minutes away from the end of the regular season when Sunday's round of matches kicked off.

That's an unfortunate factoid for Renzo Reanos of relegation-threatened Union Comercio, since it means he can't claim to have been rusty after his summer break. And with no other excuse seemingly available, he'll have to take this unbelievable blooper on the chin.

Reanos was lining up in a home game for Union Comercio against title-chasing Universitario, with the hosts in desperate need of a win to help get them out of the bottom two of the division.

It was all going well until just before the hour mark, and when Union Comercio's defence closed down yet another attack from the visitors it seemed they might pinch a point.

Sadly, it was not to be. The ball fell to the unmarked Reanos in his own six-yard box after an attacker was dispossessed, and all the 27-year-old had to do was hoof it off the pitch.

Instead, and to the amazement of everyone in the stadium, he slotted it past his own baffled keeper and in to the top left corner of the net. The face of goalkeeper Jose Flores says it all: what on earth was he thinking?

Was it a brain fart? A misguided attempt to lift it over the bar? Or will we be reading in a week or two about an investigation into possible match fixing?

Whatever the truth, Reanos's effort will go down in the record books as one of the worst, and funniest, own goals ever seen.

It was the only goal of the match, and the result turned out to be crucial at both ends of the table. Victory ensured a second place finish for Universitario, who will now face table toppers Real Garcilaso in the championship play-off.

Union Comercio's defeat, by contrast, ensured that the side will finish in the bottom two of the league and thus they will be relegated at the end of the season.

UPDATE: It now appears that Reanos's might have scored the goal on purpose because he was angry and is not seeking forgiveness! From Reuters:

Universitario's Carlos Olascuaga was brought down in the box in the 59th minute of Sunday's match but before the referee could blow his whistle for a penalty, Comercio defender Renzo Reanos blasted the ball into his own net in anger.

"I feel really bad, it's my fault we lost today. I want to ask my team mates and all Union Comercio people to forgive me," a contrite Reanos said on his Twitter account (@reanosrm).

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