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Petr Cech loses place but gains the crown of ‘King of Banter’

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To look at the man, one would not assume that Petr Cech would be, erm, banterous - especially now he has lost his place in the Chelsea team to Thibaut Courtois

Well, more fool us as the goalkeeper went on a bit of a banter run on Twitter.

Perhaps Cech is just getting into the Bank Holiday spirit as the Czech international is not usually seen engaging in pleasantries on Twitter.

To be fair to Cech, he did not start it - he just finished it.

By the looks of their Twitter handle, a Manchester United fan tried to engage in some #topbantz with Cech regarding his demotion to number two at Chelsea. But the legendary keeper was quick with a smart response to the amusement of many users of the microblogging site.

Cech followed up his victorious retort with a simple question:

Other users tried to also get the better of Cech but he remained on good form.

Okay we will stop saying banter now - we don't want to annoy our colleague Mr Tom Adams.

What do you make of this? Should a professional footballer remain restrained in the face of such 'provocation'? Or was Cech well within his rights to reply in kind? Why do fans expect to have the right to abuse footballers and other athletes, but get upset when given the same treatment?

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