Early Doors

Pitch invader gives Ronaldo lingering hug as Real Madrid beat Chelsea

Early Doors

They say you should not hug someone for more than three seconds, as that is when a sign of affection can become a touch creepy.

Someone clearly failed to tell this fan about the etiquette of hugging as, when staging a lone pitch invasion during Real Madrid's friendly match with Chelsea last night, he decided to cling on to his idol Cristiano Ronaldo for a little longer than would ordinarily be comfortable or advisable.

The supporter in question was clearly overcome with emotion, and Ronaldo should be given great credit for humouring him - many players would understandably react with fear or anger, but the Portuguese superstar lets his fan have that hug.

However, the kid holds on for far too long. ED makes it at least 20 seconds before Ronaldo manages to unlock his arms and point him in the direction of a friendly steward.

Indeed, despite his admirable patience, Ronaldo does look a little bit put out as he turns away. As would you if a complete stranger nestled his head in your chest for the best part of half a minute.

Marcelo's response says it all - dontcha know he's loco?

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