Early Doors

Star nets stunning volley inspired by beach game

Early Doors

Brazilian football often throws up the odd outrageous goal or two, but this strike from Cruzeiro's Nilton on Thursday stood out from the bunch.

Watching carefully as a corner from the right arrived, Nilton rotated in the air to meet the ball with the outside of his boot and send a sensational volley past the Botafogo keeper.

After the impressive 3-0 win, Nilton revealed that the unique strike was inspired by altinha - the foot-volley game that is played on Brazil's sunny beaches.

"It's nice to see the fans that way, all in blue and white, with a bit of excitement," he said.

"For the goal, I was thrilled. That was the nicest way I caught the ball. It is no coincidence, I grew up playing altinha, and that uses outside of the foot.

"I used this once and it was an indefensible shot."

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