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Police lose keys to Wembley Stadium

Early Doors

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Police lost the keys to Wembley Stadium in the latest security gaffe to dog the Olympics.

Officers searching the national football ground prior to the start of the London 2012 Games misplaced a set of keys used to open internal doors.

Scotland Yard said the relevant locks have been changed and that there is no security threat.

"On the morning of Tuesday, 24 July officers on the Olympic policing operation at Wembley Stadium reported that internal security keys, being used by them as part of searches, were missing," the Metropolitan Police stated.

"Officers attended the venue to assist in a search for the missing items but nothing was found. There is absolutely no security concern in relation to the stadium as measures were taken immediately to secure all key areas of the venue."

A spokesman for London 2012 later echoed those sentiments.

The Met is not treating the incident as criminal, which we can all understand - after all, who hasn't wasted away a few hours at some point hunting for theirs?

Reports that the original keys have since turned up down the back of a sofa in hospitality at Wembley are yet to be confirmed.

Wembley is one of six stadiums hosting the men's and women's football tournaments during the Games.

Last night, Great Britain's men's team beat the United Arab Emirates 3-1 at the venue, with captain Ryan Giggs - at 38 years and 243 days the oldest player to appear in the Olympic football competition - among the scorers.

Both gold medal matches will be played at Wembley in the closing days of the Games.

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