Early Doors

Swedish police cook up novel way to deal with hooligans: turbo-powered escalators!

Early Doors

Well that escalated quickly…

The above video comes from Sweden where police came up with a unique and hilarious way to deal with raucous football fans on the Stockholm underground.

The city's big derby took place on Thursday night, with Djurgarden and AIK squaring off - and after the game Djurgarden supporters got a little tetchy with the riot police while on the escalators of the nearby metro station.

But these aren't any old escalators… oh no. To borrow a line from 'This is Spinal Tap': "These go up to 11."

Rather than have to deal with the fans, the police simply put the escalators into super-turbo mood and whoosh … just like that the problem was cleared up. It's almost like it was magic!

A little bit heavy-handed by the law? Maybe so … but it's hard to argue with its effectiveness, and a situation that looked potentially messy was defused within seconds.

And Swedish football fans will now know not to mess with the cops and their rocket-speed escalators.

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