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Qatari football star suffers horrific injury (WARNING: Graphic content)

Early Doors

Qatar is constantly in the sporting headlines at the moment, with fears that players will end up seriously debilitated if they have to play in the summer heat of the tiny UAE state.

The searing temperatures had no part to play in Al Ahli's Ferydoon Zandi ending up debilitiated during a Qatari Stars League match this week.

Former Bundesliga star Zandi was part of an Al Ahli side who were throwing everyone up front in the final ten minutes of their match away at Al Mu'Aidar in a desperate attempt to find an equaliser.

But that desperation turned to tragedy as he tried to latch on to a loose ball just outside the box, in which he clashed with Mu'Aidar's Montenegrin defender Dorde Dikanovic.

What happened next speaks for itself once you've watched the video above - particularly the graphic replay just after the minute mark - and Zandi joins the list of players such as David Busst and Henrik Larsson who have suffered injuries that have made their opponents gag.

Zandi suffered a clean break through his tibia, and after an operating is expected to be out for a very minimum of six weeks. All of which makes his dignified reaction - far less histrionic than Neymar's the other night - incredibly laudable.

But there is one silver lining: his team Al Ahli made the most of the lengthy injury time added on by the referee, eventually finding an equaliser in the sixth minute of added time.

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