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Relegation ‘is male equivalent of childbirth’

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For years and years, people have speculated as to what the male equivalent of childbirth might be, and now we have the answer.

It is not, as some have claimed, a particularly troublesome kidney stone, but instead, according to a survey released this week, it is the pain of watching your favourite team suffer relegation.

Mothers reading this article could be forgiven for raising an eyebrow at this point.

But TFL found that almost two thirds of supporters who had possession of a season ticket thought that being sent down a division was roughly equivalent to the feeling of squeezing one human out of another.

Even half of more casual fans agreed with the suggestion that relegation was the male equivalent to childbirth.

Over 1,200 supporters were polled for the survey, with one respondent saying: “Childbirth does look very painful – but it only lasts a few hours. The pain of relegation lasts all summer.”

The gender of said respondent was undisclosed. But we think we can probably guess.

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