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Did Romelu Lukaku confirm his Chelsea exit on Twitter?

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It is becoming pretty fashionable for players to play out their careers on Twitter.

Only yesterday, Morgan Schneiderlin left Southampton in no doubt as to his discontent with a furious tweet - presumably after it became clear a move to Tottenham would be falling through.


Now it is Romelu Lukaku's turn to use social media to keep us abreast of his career developments.

The Chelsea striker posted the tweet below from an aeroplane on Wednesday afternoon, with the cryptic caption: 'time to write a new chapter'.

If there was any doubt about the fact Lukaku will be leaving Chelsea for good, this may well have extinguished it.

But where is the plane heading? To Liverpool (for Everton), to Turin (for Juventus) or to Monaco (for, er, Monaco)?

Well, according to all reports it's Everton, where he is expected to sign a five-year deal after completing a £25m move.

Either that or he's writing a book...

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