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Shop assistant suspended for calling John Terry “a pig” in front of wife

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John Terry

A young shop assistant got into hot water at the fancy department store she works at for calling Chelsea superstar John Terry "a pig".

The Sun reports that 23-year-old Elisha Ram, who worked at Bentall's in Kingston-upon-Thames, was at the clothes counter where she works when Terry approached and said hello.

As Terry walked away, Elisha then turned to her colleagues and said, "He is quite good looking in real life - but he's a pig."

Immediately, Elisha's colleagues starting frantically telling her to be quiet:

"They were like, ‘Sssh sssh sssh,’ and I said, ‘What? Why?’ And his wife was right there," Elisha told the paper.

That's right: mortifyingly, Terry's wife Toni Poole had overheard Elisha's comment, which Elisha says she made because of Terry's alleged (but always denied) affair in 2010 with Vanessa Perroncel, who had been a long-term partner of Terry's then team-mate Wayne Bridge.

"She looked right at me and then she looked away. I didn’t even know she was there — I didn’t know what she looked like in the first place. My heart dropped and I felt so bad."

Elisha quickly walked away - no doubt to hide in the bathroom until the captain, leader and legend had left the shop.

But Terry used the shadowing and tracking skills which made him one of the world's best centre-backs to catch up with her to confront her.

"He was coming towards me and said, ‘I don’t appreciate you calling me a pig in front of my wife,'" continued Elisha.

"I said, 'Oh my God,' and I turned into a little child. I said I was really, really sorry."

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John Terry with his wife Toni

But then, showing the sort of temper flare that JT himself might have been proud of, Elisha decided to reiterate her original verdict:

"Then I just snapped, got defensive and retaliated, saying, 'You're a disgrace.'"

It's a view that might be shared by anyone who witnessed the Terry own-goal against Crystal Palace that sunk Chelsea's title hopes.

But clearly there's a time and a place to air such views, as Terry angrily pointed out to Elisha's manager - who ended up suspending Elisha from her job as a disciplinary measure.

Elisha kept her job - though God knows she'll probably lose it once her boss takes a look at the paper - but remained defiant, claiming that she had been perfectly justified to take a pop at Terry.

"I wasn’t being horrible, I just said my opinion," she said. "I even said he was quite good looking."

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Bentalls department store in Kingston

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