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Taarabt: Balotelli drove his car so fast that his dog got sick

Early Doors

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Adel Taarabt has backed former Milan teammate Mario Balotelli to demonstrate at Liverpool that he has ‘grown up’.

The 24-year-old is set to return to the Premier League following the Rossoneri’s agreement of a €20m (£16m) sale to Liverpool.

With formalities on the move set to be completed on Monday, the striker has received the backing of his teammate at San Siro last season.

“I think he is coming to show he has grown up and that he is mature now,” Taarabt, now back at QPR, has told The Sun.

“The team is young and, with someone like Steven Gerrard playing with him, he will get his head down and work hard."


However, he did tell of a rather bizarre incident in which the former Manchester City player drove so fast that he made a dog sick.

“One day it was really funny when it was our day off but we still had to be at the Milanello training ground," Taarabt said.

“Players were told they could bring their kids for the day, so Mario turned up with his dog which was a rottweiler.

“It was a strong dog, not small. But it was like the dog was dead or asleep. It couldn’t walk or do anything, like it was dizzy. I said ‘Mario, what’s happened to the dog?’

“He had been with Nigel de Jong as they live close to each other and put the dog next to him in his Ferrari and was driving crazy — so fast that the dog was out of it! The doctor of Milan said ‘you can’t do that, you can’t drive him in the Ferrari so fast as he’s not a human being, he’s different’. It was really funny.”


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