Early Doors

Star in France scores ‘ultimate insult’ goal on final day of season

Early Doors

Paul-Georges Ntep scoring on his hands & knees by vranovcir

You know that type of goal you’ve always wanted to score during a game down at the local astroturf?

The one that sees you go through on an open goal and, rather than simply tap it in, you drop to all-fours and nudge it over the line with your head?

Well, the ultimate act of footballing mockery actually occurred at the top level on Saturday in France.

Reims and Rennes had little to play for on the final day of the Ligue 1 season, having each secured a comfortable mid-table finish.

However, it was the visitors who were most determined to end on a high note as Rennes took a 2-0 lead.

Then, mere minutes after netting the second, Paul-Georges Ntep received the opportunity dreamt of by every mischievous male on the planet who plays football, at any level.

But the opportunity is only half of the story: open goals with marooned defenders are commonplace, but it takes a big man to grab that opportunity to rub the opposition's noses in it.

Reims eventually scored a consolation goal for a 1-3 full-time score, but this was Ntep’s day.

What a lad.

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