Early Doors

This unbelievable penalty stunt will make you chuckle

Early Doors

Afghanistan vs Maldives by powerarmynetwork

Now, it really will take a gutsy star to step up and do this at the World Cup in Brazil this summer.

Initially ED thought that this Maldives player must have accidentally taken a tumble when approaching this penalty kick, but now it has changed its mind.

What it really was, in fact, was a cunning ploy to fool the goalkeeper - and fool the goalkeeper he really did.

As the player ran up to take the spot kick, instead of just a cheeky shimmy to make the keeper dive early, he instead full on falls to the ground and leaves his opponent utterly bewildered.

Then, keeping his composure fully in tact, he buries the spot kick and prompts hysterical laughter from his coach and team-mates.

It was all during the AFC Challenge Cup match, in which the Maldives took on Afghanistan in the third-place play-off.

When the pressure is really on, what a way to pull out a stunt no one has seen before.

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