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New unofficial England song ‘MACAROONEY’ will be stuck in your head all day

Early Doors

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Oh yes…as we edge ever closer to the World Cup in Brazil, it is time for the tradition that goes hand-and-hand with every major championship England are in – naff unofficial songs.

We present to you to the 'MACAROONEY' – it is cheesy as hell, it is likely to infuriate you, but boy is it catchy, and more importantly it is also been put together for a good cause.

Written and recorded by two blokes who call themselves D&OD, the MACAROONEY is a parody of one of the world’s most popular songs.

It’s being released to support Street League - one of the UK’s fastest growing charities which helps young Brits change their lives through the power of football.

According to the press release: "The song combines pop and latin percussion with an infectious, feel-good chorus and witty lyrics, that make it sure to be sung and danced up and down the land, by every England football fan this summer."

While the press material also contains a quote from that renowned musical critic…eh 'Clive from Wandsworth'

"MACAROONEY is a masterpiece. It's surely the greatest unofficial England World Cup Song for Brazil 2014. Mind you, have you heard the other rubbish that's out there?," says Clive.

Watch the below the video if you dare!

The song is available now on iTunes, Google Play and everywhere else online. Do you bit for charity and download it now…just don't expect it to leave your head any time soon.

You ran also read more about Street League's work here.

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