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WATCH: Brazilian defender kisses opponent on the neck

Early Doors

There is a formula to this kind of situation usually.

Players get caught in a tangle whilst trying to get to a ball and soon the tangle descends into fisticuffs of some description. Or maybe even one of those limp head-butts that ensures a player will get sent off but does not actually do damage to the recipient.

So it is with a wry smile that Early Doors stumbled across this video.

Internacional’s Rafael Moura was frustrated with the attentions of Ceara defender Sandro during a Copa do Brazil match on Wednesday night.

As it looked like the two were about to fall out, Sandro did something surprising – he leant over and planted a kiss on the neck of the Internacional striker.

Maybe it was an attempt at further provocation but it appeared to defuse the situation pretty quickly.

It looked like Moura would have the last laugh after Inter equalised late on but Ceara secured a 2-1 win after they scored the winner in the third minute of injury time.

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