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McAuley hoof causes damage in the press box

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West Brom won 1-0 at Norwich, but the afternoon did prove costly as defender Gareth McAuley accidently broke one of his own club's laptops in a rather impressive way.

At one point during the match, McAuley launched a clearance into the Carrow Road press box, hitting not just any computer, but one that belongs to West Brom.

The club tweeted a picture of the devstation McAuley caused:

After the match, West Brom's video team confronted McAuley so he could see his victim and feel the pain of the club's IT department. To his credit, McAuley said it was alright if he was charged for the damage - well, he had little choice when the interviewer said that the cost would be "docked from his wages".

Brooks Peck / Dirty Tackle

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