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You won’t recognise this bulked-up international footballer

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See that guy above? He’s actually a fairly well-known footballer.

Chances are, however, that few fans – even those who are very familiar with his career – will recognise him now.

He is German goalkeeper Tim Wiese, a 32-year-old shot stopper who has appeared for Werder Bremen, Hoffenheim, Kaiserslautern and other clubs in his native land. He has also represented his country six times.

In recent times, however, his focus has not been on the ‘beautiful game’ but instead on the world of bodybuilding.

Interestingly enough, though he has not had a club since January, Wiese hasn’t officially retired – and refuses to rule out returning between the sticks for someone.

Yes, even while he’s this jacked up.

"Soon I'm so wide that the ball will no longer go past me,” Wiese joked to Bild.

"I know that I would have to work off about 15 kilos to be able to perform in goal again. I am aware that after not playing for a year and a half it would be difficult to do it again.”

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As for some of the negative reaction to his lifestyle change, Wiese couldn’t care less.

"I do my own thing,” he added. “Some like it, some do not.

“I haven't got a gram of fat on me, it's all muscle."

So how did Wiese get his body like that?

His training regimen, in his own words, consists of running for 30 to 40 minutes three times a week, five or six weight sessions at the gym a week lasting between 1-2 hours each, and a diet plan mostly containing loads of chicken, veal and fish and four or five protein shakes a day.

Wiese also has a secret dietary weapon: cottage cheese laced with Tabasco sauce.

Nom. Sign us up!

In all seriousness, though his sheer size and shape provoke a double-take from many, credit to Wiese for pulling off such a difficult level of physical fitness and getting his body fat so low.

Reckon there's a football club who could do with a brick outhouse like Wiese between their posts? Tell us who in the comment section below, and explain your logic...

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