Early Doors

Worst defending, worst goalkeeping and worst miss of season already?

Early Doors

We're still a couple of weeks away from the season kicking off across most of Europe - but we've already probably just witnessed the most catastrophic display of incompetence that we're going to see between now and next May.

The gruesome pictures come from a match between Hungary's Diosgyor and Russia's Krasnodar, with the Russians leading 3-1 with 17 minutes left.

Diosgyor's defence - they're the ones in red - decided for reasons best known to themselves to pass the ball back to the goalkeeper despite a couple of Krasnodar forwards lurking.

Needless to say, the back-pass ended up as a perfect through-ball to the striker... and only some deft footwork from Diosgyor goalkeeper Botond Antal stopped a goal going in.

But having covered himself in glory, Antal then covered himself in shame by neglecting to boot the ball clear, instead getting caught between picking up the ball and trying to beat the onrushing midfielder Vladimir Bystrov.

Not that it did Bystrov much good: having benefitted from Antal's disaster the goal was at his mercy, but he somehow managed to hook it past the left upright.

Quite magnificent. We know it's early days for 2014-15, and a lot of players have turned up rusty from their holidays... but even still, this sequence of clangers is breathtaking.

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Bystrov did at least make up for it, however: he found the net in the dying moments for Krasnodar, giving the Russian side a healthy 5-1 away win at the Nagyerdei Stadion.

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