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Longest winless streak in British football ends after six-and-a-half years

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Tunstall Town manager George Day was thrilled with his side's famous win. Not that you'd know it from this picture. (Picture: Tunstall Town official website)

Football minnows Tunstall Town have ended a six-and-a-half year run without a win by beating Betley Reserves in the Staffs County Senior League.

After an agonising run without a win stretching back 171 games, non-league Town completed a 2-1 win in their Division Two match at Sandyford Cricket Club.

Home goalkeeper Mike Holt was hailed the hero as he wound up man of the match to help his side end the worst run in English football.

Manager George Day said: "The referee played eight minutes of added time when there were no injuries in the game.

"They were the longest eight minutes of our lives until he finally ended the game. We had won our first game in six-and-a-half years."

Tunstall had ended a run of 143 straight defeats 13 months ago when they drew 1-1 with Whittington. They had not won a match since a 3-2 success against Unity FC in September, 2007.

Tunstall attracted headlines in 2011 with two of the back four in their 70s and the other two over 60. The average age has apparently been reduced to just over 40.

Needless to say, they remain bottom of their division - but success breeds success, as they say, and now that Tunstall have found the winning mentality, who knows how far they can go?

Only one thing remains: a happier-looking photograph of Tunstall's heroic manager for the club website. Early Doors noted with dismay that Day is still looking on the club's internet page looking as cheerful as Eeyore going back to work at a call centre after two weeks in the Maldives.

So our resident Photoshop guru decided to help out with a new, appropriately smiley picture of the current Most Popular Man in Tunstall. And he even added in a first taste of the silverware which is bound to follow now the winless streak has been broken...

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George Day, smiling at last. That's better, George!

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