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  • Matchday Open Thread

    Yesterday was always going to be an important match.  Commentators have been talking for weeks about how Arsenal were going to have a big hand in deciding the title race as they still had to play both Liverpool and Manchester United.  Yesterday, Liverpool needed the points to keep the pressure on Manchester United but Arsenal, paradoxically, also needed the same thing.  A ManU team that was still fighting on two fronts wouldn't be able to focus on their upcoming Champions League semi-final against the Gunners.  In the end the draw probably doesn't really help or hurt anyone. 

    But for

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  • Stepping on our Toes

    Fantasy: Choose 'Em, Lose 'Em

    Stuck picking you fantasy team this week? We advise you on some players worth picking up and others to avoid. More


    "John Arne Riise (10.50) may have scored some blockbusters in the past,
    but he's going to be too busy with his hands full of C-Ron to get too
    many shots off."

    C-Ron? Where have we heard that nickname before? Hmm... Methinks someone has been reading the blog.  And for that we are eternally grateful. ;-)

    Seriously, we do a lot of abbreviations and nicknames on the blog. K2, the BF's AY and DB, THo, EvdS and EdS, etc. Did we hit on CRon, or

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  • Monday Morning Manager

    Updated below.


    The Thirty Point Club.

    Seems to be the standard this season. Adebayor and Torres joined against Derby. But something was in the water this weekend with CRon, RvP and Elano beating the 30pt mark. The Manager had to suffer through Saturday after CRon's performance. With only the two matches on Saturday that made for a long day. But Sunday, Rvp rescued the weekend and at least brought him back level with his fellow blogger, Neal.

    Kudos to those with more than one 30pter on their squad. That's a real nice way to go into the international break.

    As it is, the rest of us

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  • Injuries and Suspensions

    Sort of shocking really.  Running down the team news this morning the reporters have found lots of ways to write essentially the same thing...

    [Insert Manager Name Here] will be able to field the same starting XI as last weekend.

    There are a few minor adjustments and a few injury worries but that's about it and here they are...

    Carrick is out with a sprained ankle and Anderson isn't going to be rushed back from his Olympic duty for Brazil so John O'Shea is likely to get the start as a holding midfielder.  Given the new rules about clean sheets, I'm not sure that this is particularly

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  • Mixed emotions?

    Arsenal have confirmed the details of their partnership with Major League Soccer team Colorado Rapids.

    There is no suggestion the partnership is the first step towards another American takeover but simply involves a link-up between the clubs with the Gunners set to send coaches to Colorado, who are owned by billionaire Stan Kroenke who heads Kroenke Sports Enterprises (KSE).

    In return, promising players from the US side will be given the chance to train with the Arsenal team.


    I'm wondering how Neal feels about this.  He's a dyed-in-the-wool Gunner.  But when it comes to MLS, he bleeds

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  • Wild Speculation

    So, what have the world's "reporters" dreamed up for us today as they wait on something real to report from either the transfer market, the Champions League Final, or Euro2008?

    Arsenal looking at Aquilani (Holding Midfielder, Roma) who would cost somewhere around £12M.  There is at least a quote here from the player's agent substantiating Arsenal interest.  He certainly fits a need (The Next Flamini) although he would be more expensive than the typical Wenger acquisition.  Seems like there's a remote possibility of it happening.

    Barca still sniffing around K2 with RSC the replacement target? 

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  • Ouch, baby. Very ouch

    This was too "good" to leave in the comments:


    I got worked over good this weekend. I made the mistake of checking
    my team Saturday night at a friends party, clicked log out and walked
    away. Apparently, the PC did not log me out and someone proceeded to
    sell all my players. I had CRON, K2, Ballack, Carson, Dempsey, etc all
    at 3 unit discounts. Yesterday was very painful see my team roster
    empty and then working out filling it back up with the meager 100
    units. My season is officially done.

    Posted by: piantdj on Mon Mar 17 12:54PM 


    OUCH!  Some friends!  That's just brutal, and I'm SO

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  • Friday’s Team News Today

    "Steven Gerrard ruled out of Liverpool's Champions League game against Bordeaux in France on Wednesday night after suffering a hamstring injury during the Barclays Premiership clash with Blackburn on Saturday."

    The dreaded "late fitness test" before the ManU clash? 

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  • The Week Ahead

    So, imagine you're 10 years old and, for those of you not born into sports fandom in the US, that there are 4 major sports that you follow and your hometown participates in all of them.  As a 10 year old, my local team in all four major American sports (gridiron football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey) were exceptional.  In 1980 (yes, I'm old enough that I was 10 in 1980), all four of my teams competed for the championship in their respective sport with one, the baseball team, winning it all.  For the next few years, each of these teams continued to contend for championships with the

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