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  • Curses!


    Larsson comes off the bench to fire one shot, score one goal, and commit one foul.  Not bad for a day's work, but let's hope he gets the start @TOT. ]   

    Larsson starts on the bench.  Rats!

    29  T Kuszczak
      5  R Ferdinand  
      4  G Heinze  
      2  G Neville  
      22  J O'Shea  
      15  N Vidic  
      23  K Richardson  
      7  C Ronaldo  
      16  M Carrick  
      20  O Solskjaer  
      8  W Rooney  
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  • Matchday Open Thread

    Through all the ups and downs this season, the one common thread has been, "bet against Derby."  Week 4 - Torres' double.  Week 6, Adebayor does him one better with a hat-trick.  Week 11 Carson keeps a clean sheet.  Week 12, Solano with a goal and CCole with two assists.   Two weeks ago, MPet with an assist on seven successful crosses.  And last week, Larsson's sweet goal.

    So why do I have reservations about backing Spurs this week?  They're an in-form team with new players and good results in their last few matches.  Seems like a no-brainer.  Well, it wouldn't be a week in fantasy if I

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  • The Week Ahead

    Even though Barack Obama is the President Elect of the United States,
    some of us still rely on the old Hillary Clinton adage that "it takes a
    village." Thus, with Neal on his belated
    honeymoon, I've been asked to take a whack at TWA. My only qualifications are a common
    obsessive/compulsive complex toward fantasy footie, love for obscure references
    and nicknames (I claim credit for both Jummy - I am a lousy typist - and my all
    time favorite — Louis "Feather Necklace of Death" Boa Morte), and my current
    position above both Jeremy and Neal in our private group.

    First - my take on the EPL thus

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  • Laying down the law

    The Football Association have rejected the appeals of Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor and Chelsea midfielder Mikel John Obi for wrongful dismissal in the Carling Cup final.


    Today's decision means Adebayor will serve a three-match ban, while Mikel will miss Chelsea's next four domestic matches as it was his second dismissal of the season.

    Adebayor has therefore been ruled out of tomorrow's FA Cup fifth-round replay at Blackburn as well as Saturday's Barclays Premiership home clash with Reading.

    Should Arsenal beat Blackburn tomorrow, he would also sit out the FA Cup quarter-final against

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  • The Week Ahead

    Before we get to the analysis of the coming week (which is going to end up looking a lot like "stick with what worked this past week"), I figured I'd spend some time on a few issues that have been rolling around in my head since last weekend...

    1) Where was the headline? Maybe its because I live in the States and didn't see all the local newspapers but I was CERTAIN I'd see a Wednesday headline reading "The Joy of Cesc" following Fabregas' wonder-goal (and overall dominant performance) against Milan on Tuesday night.

    2) Also related to that match...I've freakin' had enough of Eboue.  As a

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  • Rate my team plz – results show

    Thanks to all who responded to my question (Gerrard/Niemi v. Downing/Reina as quick summary) -- and especially both of you who stuck to the topic! 

    sparta_prague2001 probably said it best:

    Jeremy - I would prefer the Niemi-Gerrard combo if you must choose. Mainly because Liverpool hosting a horrid Watford team that leaks goals looks to be a choice match-up of the week. Gerrard seems to be hitting stride and should be central to all good attacking moves and hopefully generates a boat-load of points through goals, SOTs and some CW. As for the GK situation, I tend to believe that over a double

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  • Jens Update

    I didn't see the news out of the Arsenal camp until after I posted the Injuries and Suspensions update this morning but for those of you who haven't finalized your line-ups yet - apparently Arsene is not only keeping the faith with Almunia this weekend but he's going so far as to not even include Jens in the squad.  If you ditched Almunia at a cheap price earlier (like I did), he's probably still worth considering and if you were waiting for a ruling to make a decision, now you have it.

    In other news, I'm trying to decide between the following two combinations as my last adjustment...


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  • Benjani completes City transfer

    Manchester City have completed the signing of Portsmouth striker Benjani for an initial fee of £3.87 million.

    The player arrived late in Manchester on transfer deadline day after missing his flight, putting the deal in jeopardy.

    City manager Sven-Goran Eriksson was relieved that it has now finally gone through.

    "I am delighted that we have signed such a quality player," he said. "I am looking forward to working with him straight away."

    The fee for Benjani, 29, will rise to almost double the initial figure if the player records 75 appearances in a sky blue shirt.


    It didn't drag on like

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  • Monday Morning Manager

    The Manager is suffering from a bit of a hangover after the international break.  He's stuck at his point total from before the players jetted off, but he's not sure if that's because Yahoo! is slow on the updates or just because he didn't earn any points this weekend.

    This was always going to be a lost weekend.  That was apperant by Friday morning.   Too many injuries and too much temptation to field the more rested players (like K2 for the Arse).  But in the end, half the team didn't play (ACole, CRonaldo, NKranjcar), might as well not have (AJohnson, RvP, DMurphy, AYoung), or shouldn't have

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  • The Week Ahead

    So, imagine you're me.  You've had a spectacular run up the table over the past month and a half (from somewhere in the 3000s overall to just outside the Top 500).  Through some combination of skill and luck, the vast majority of moves you've made have paid even greater than expected dividends.  Obafemi Martins has gotten hot and stayed that way.  Ditto Kieron Dyer.  Ronaldo has been the stud of the league since you picked him up and Tom Huddlestone has been consistently procuding double digit performances in the back after you picked him up for about 5.00.

    All this sounds pretty good, huh? 

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