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  • The Giles Barnes Door Watch

    Sorry once again for the late post. Things should be back to normal next week - whatever normal is...

    Teams to be excited about for next weekend?
    West Ham (visiting Derby); Liverpool (hosting Fulham); Villa (Birmingham Derby at St. Andrews); Spurs (hosting Wigan); and Arsenal (visiting Reading).

    Specific players to watch and potentially buy before price increases in the event of excellent performances...

    WHU - CCole, Noble, and Green

    Liverpool - Voronin, Gerrard, and Arbeloa

    Villa - Agbonlahor, Barry, Laursen, and Carson

    Spurs - Bale, Bent, Bervatov, and (dare I say it) Robbo (unless Cerny is

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  • Larsson Can Stay At United

    Manchester United's on-loan striker Henrik Larsson has been told by his Swedish club he can stay at Old Trafford until the end of the season.

    Larsson, who scored the opening goal in Sunday's 2-1 FA Cup third-round victory over Aston Villa, has joined the Red Devils from Helsingborg on a short-term deal until March.

    However, club chairman Sten-Inge Fredin has said the Scandinavians would be willing to allow the former Celtic and Barcelona striker to extend his stay.

    "It's up to Henrik. "If he wants to stay then we'll open that discussion with United. We will not stand in his way," said Fredin.

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  • Striker Crisis

    There are a lot of cheap strikers in Yahoo!'s fantasy game this year with great pedigree, playing for top teams, or both. Which leads to some tough decisions for fantasy managers. But what to make of this crop of ner-do-wells and ner-done-wells:

    • Kuyt - lively, but not accurate. victim of Rafa's rotation and/or CL (Champion's League) prioritization?
    • Shevchenko - save for 1 goal and a wicked free kick that was saved, has he done anything?
    • Berbatov - looked good, even in defeat, but out injured.
    • Tevez - always wants the ball, but that desire drags him very far from goal at times. dangerous
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  • Injuries and Suspensions

  • Monday Morning Manager

    7. Other caveats, if not rules, include:

    1. All things being equal, go with the home team.
    2. Never bet on or against Bolton. Unless you do.
    3. Scholes is dead to us for fantasy purposes.
    4. Avoid Spurs' defence. Just do it. Or don't do it, as the case may be.
    6.  ----

    Serves me right for not listening to my own rules.  As I wrote before the matches, "I've gone for Gomes.  @POR isn't a great matchup, especially with Defoe coming against his old team.  But they follow this match up with an almost Cake Walk (tm) schedule over the next few weeks - Hull, @Stoke, Bolton - so I'm willing to take my chances

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  • Matchday Open Thread

    And so we come to the pivotal time of the season.  The festive season.  When games come thick and fast, and seasons - fantasy and reality - are won and lost.  There are points to be had in these weeks, and as a result I am quicker to move players in and out based on availability or match-ups.  Missing out can be too costly. 

    So what to do about Robinho?  He came off at half time in mid-week with a recurrence of his ankle injury.  Is Citeh just being cautious with their prize asset?  He didn't come back for the second half, it's not like he hobbled off on fourty minutes.  Or might he miss not

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  • Injuries and Other Random Comments

    [Updated below. -j]

    I know this has very little to do with fantasy football but I'd be curious to hear from everyone out there as to what the opinion of Americans being set to own another of the Premier League's storied clubs (adding Liverpool to Man United and the somewhat less-storied Aston Villa).  Does this worry anyone? or is it a non-story?  Not sure I have an opinion yet (who would have guessed), but I'd be curious to know if anyone finds this objectionable (and if so, why?).

    OK, back to our regularly scheduled blog... 

    The last of the transfers have been completed in the real world

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  • The Countdown: Old Faces in New Places

    No time like the present to keep things moving along with our review of old faces in new places. If the title isn't obvious enough, this is focused on players who have some experience in the Prem who have transferred between teams. Given that you already know who the players are, we'll try to keep it brief (not my strength, really) [*Snort!* Not your strength at all, but that's why we love you. -JOS].

    Robbie Keane to Liverpool - Wow, could be pretty interesting. Seems like a good fit with Torres as they don't tend to occupy the same spaces on the field. The big question will be how he and

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  • Injuries and Comments

    Well, here we go again with a change in format for the Friday post.  Two reasons for this - one, there's a lot of injury news and two, that injury news tends to link up pretty well with the comments and questions in the wake of yesterday's posting.  I won't be going one-for-one on answering but hopefully, I'll get to all the important issues.

    Since they seem to have raised the most questions:  Dyer AND Sibierski have been pronounced fit according to SoccerNet and  In my mind, Dyer becomes the best option among cheap midfielders.  If you need one, he should be the choice (over

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  • The Week Ahead

    Now THAT was a fun weekend. I had been thinking about the idea of starting an "open" comments thread so that those of you who enjoy participating in the blog can interact over the weekend while the games are going on. Fortunately, great minds think alike and despite the fact that we'd never talked about it Jeremy acted on it. There were some great comments and it's always fun to start evaluating what Jeremy and I call "The Barn Door" (picking up players before their values go up). He and I usually text about all of the above throughout the weekend since we don't live anywhere near each other

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