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  • From Yahoo Headquarters

    Some updates from Yahoo Headquarters to keep everyone interested while we're trying to kill time during the international break that already seems like its gone on too long...

    1) CS Points - The issue on Clean Sheet points for Jagielka and Eboue from Week 7 is known and they are working on it - expect those points to be added for those who had one or both players  during the break.

    2) Missing Players - Kenwyne Jones and a few other players that have not been added to the system are in progress, expect them to be added later this week.

    3) MPet as a Defender? - Finally, on the disturbing issue

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  • Castillo to go on loan to Man City

    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexican forward Nery Castillo is to go on loan to English Premier League side Manchester City after a failed attempt to adapt at Ukraine's Shakhtar Donetsk, his agent said...

    "There has been an agreement with Manchester City so that Nery
    can be with the club for one year on loan and so he can prove himself,
    so he can play active football," his agent, Jose Luis Padilla, told
    Mexican television.

    "Nery just wanted to play and that was not happening at
    Shakhtar," Padilla said. "Nery is now in England to iron out in the
    next few hours the final details of his

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  • Damned if you do…

    Updated below.

    Joe Cole or Julio César "The Beast" Baptista?

    Cole has been coming on as a sub, but averaged 7pts per appearance last week (against ARS & MAN).  Baptista has been starting at forward, and should again with K2 doubtful.   But he's as likely to score a fantasy zero as he is a goal.  Cole is at home, but to an Everton side playing very well.  While Arsenal is on the road, but against a Pompey side riddled with injuries.

    Cole is playing for a place in the FA Cup Final.   But The Beast is playing for his Arsenal future. 

    What to do?


    After messing with the squad and going

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  • Matchday Open Thread

    In today's uncertain economic times everyone is looking for a bargain.  Well, everyone except for the representatives of small, petro-rich nation states. But for everyone who can't afford Kaka - or his Premier League fantasy equivalent - we at the blog want to highlight the players that are available - due to transfer, form, or whatever reason - cheap.  And not just any players, but ones that have decent match-ups this weekend and for the price, could contribute to your team.  So without further ado, here are your "Sub Seven All-Stars".

    Sidibe 5.75
    Rodallega 5.57
    Arshavin 6.11
    Drogba 6.96

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  • Monday Morning Manager

    Yahoo! Eurosport have a dirty little secret. Every week they bring you Loughran's picks, fantasy picks from Angus Loughran, professional tipster, and updates from the Eurosport Super League which they list as the following:

    Eurosport Super League

    Angus Loughran - Stavros United
    Dave Farrar - The Steve Savidan Experience
    Jeremy 'The American' Stahl - Team America
    Paul Parker - Parker's Warriors

    What they aren't telling you is that the two other members of that "super" group are your humble bloggers. And while we can't keep up with a lot of you in our Beat the Blogger groups (and we're

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  • Monday Morning Manager

    The Manager does not look forward to these Mondays.

    No, let's go with the alternate opening.

    The manager feels like Wigan.

    Two weeks ago they were outside bets for a European place.  Then they go and ship four goals to Everton and Arsenal and it seems as if everything has come unstuck. 

    My team was rolling along - bouncing spots at the top half of the table week to week.  Then this week I get 51 points.  Not only did teams in my private group double my point total... they almost tripled it!  If I wouldn't have had a top 15 weekly showing in our domestic game (shout out to the MLS fans) they

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  • Injuries and Suspensions

    Updated with team news.  

    It is sort of shocking at this late date in the season but Leroy Lita is the only suspension of any great note - Meite from Bolton is the second most relevant player and one could hardly call him relevant.

    Much more relevant are the injuries and the line-up questions...

    For ManYoo, the news is all about who is healthy - Ferdinand, O'Shea, and Evra - which means guys like Keiron Richardson will find themselves back on the bench if they even get that far.  The relative health of the ManYoo back line does put Heinze's spot in a little bit of question but I have a hard

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  • Impact: Nasri to Arsenal

    So, we have yet another confirmed signing.  As we did yesterday with Crouch and Sidwell, we're going to breakdown both the real and fantasy value of Samir Nasri at Arsenal (and for the purposes of this post, we'll assume that this means Hleb is now really on his way out to Barca or somewhere else)...

    Real World Impact
    According to all reports, Nasri is quite the versatile guy - able to play on either wing or "in the hole" behind the strikers.  Given the current personnel at Arsenal, you have to figure that he'll primarily be slotted as a left winger until Rosicky proves himself fit.  If 'sicky

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  • Monday Manager

    So Beckham-mania has finally hit stateside.  It gives me an excuse to run this photo of Posh at Los Angeles International Airport (at the blog we love our acronyms, so we should just say LAX).  I don't actually have anything to say about the Beckhams, but in order to REALLY justify the photo (if it really NEEDS justification), I'll say this...  Does Posh make you think of Chelsea?  

    I know you're thinking, "c'mon mate.  this makes you think of Chelsea?  are you daft?  get off the computer and get a life!"  But bear with me.   When the Spice Girls were big, everyone had their favorites but you

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