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  • Dream Pairing

    Samuel Eto'o has hinted he would like to join Arsenal after his future was plunged into doubt at Barcelona.

    The Cameroon striker launched an astonishing attack on Barca boss Frank Rijkaard and team-mate Ronaldinho before admitting he would love to play under Arsene Wenger in the Premiership.

    He said: "I love Wenger, he is one of the best coaches in the world.

    "I could have played for Arsenal some years ago. I would have loved to have had Wenger as my coach."


    Is it too early for the "Eto'o +10" bandwagon? 

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  • Monday Morning Manager

    Well, he's done it to me (us) again.   Last time I hyped Cisse in a "One to watch" post, he burned us with six points.  That was down from his average of ten points per at the time.  Fine.  And now when we bring him back up again, at home to a struggling Hammers side, he REALLY c-r-a-p-s the bed.  Lena's TWA was more wrong than right: "Cisse, KenJo, KieRich, BFAR. There will be goals, especially at home.
    But Robert Green isn't the most generous of keepers so I expect some
    saves for him." only because Green didn't have to make any saves!  Eight shots from Cisse and NONE on target.  There's 24

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  • Injuries and Suspensions

    Well, no sooner do I get excited about having a cheap defender with a good chance of a clean sheet (Skrtel) than he turns up injured.  Given that fact, please insert Arbeloa for Skrtel in "The Week Ahead" post.  Granted a centre half pairing of Hyypia and Arbeloa may greatly reduce the chances of a Liverpool clean sheet but given the options, Arbeloa is still pretty high on my list. (FYI, Carragher is suspended if you're wondering why he isn't in the mix and Agger isn't yet match fit).

    Elsewhere, apparently Almunia is sufficiently recovered from his virus so Lehmann appears not to be a viable

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  • The (Abbreviated) Week Ahead

    As I started thinking about my post for this week. I wasn't really sure how to approach it.  Of the four teams playing, two are legitimately terrible (Wigan and Watford), one is mediocre on its good days and in the middle of a terrible run of form right this second (Spurs), and one is just plain mediocre (Everton).  Hardly the stuff that major marches up the fantasy table are made of so I'll approach the column the same way I started thinking about my line-up for this week - in two parts. 

    The first part - how many line-up slots should I consider changing - and the second part - who should

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  • Matchday Open Thread

    Week three and the last chance for points before the international break - though to be fair, doesn't it seem like last week's games were AGES ago?!?  Maybe I'm just trying to wipe the memory from my mind.  -10.5 from Big Bad Brad?  Oy!  Three goals allowed, the loss, and a solitary foul won.  Not a good day at the office.  It is as if HE were the MDOT photo.  But no, that "honor" was reserved for Bale who got the start, but didn't get many points.  So today I'm trying something different.  Rather than posting an image of someone on my team, I'm trying to jinx your player.  So here's Torres

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  • Injuries & Suspensions


    Chelsea team news came through - - and it
    looks like Malouda may be back. So two or three from four b/w FloMa,
    JCole, SWP and Kalou. I don't like those odds, so will probably be
    dumping JCole from my team... again. Who to replace him with? I've got
    a little bit to spend and am mainly looking at Dempsey (home to NUFC)
    or Bianchi (home to Bolton and in line to start - supposedly). Looks
    like Dempsey once again inolved in that age old question (and previous blog feature) ¿Quien es mas macho? If only to make Nery feel more at home.

    thoughts from the community?  Between the two, whom

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  • Opportunity Knocks…

    There are two ways to look at the fact that points haven't been posted yet for this week...

    On one side, it's a bit annoying given that we've come to expect (the one Pompey match aside) that points will be posted the same day as matches are played.  I know I had a pretty good week relative to the rest of the managers in my private group (only Kranjcar didn't play and I didn't have any of the gentlemen who scored own goals, missed penalties, or saw red).  I'd like to see how that turned out for me.

    On the other hand, this delay gives us all an extended chance to get some players before their

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