Jan Molby

  • Ability to run with ball has usurped tiki-taka

    Borussia Dortmund and particularly Bayern Munich are the talk of Europe after the way they knocked Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona out of the Champions League.

    Obviously there is a big thing being made about the emerging German dominance in the game but we shouldn't forget that Bayern have been in two of the last three finals so this is not something that has come completely out of the blue.

    I'm not about to suggest that football has completely changed but there is a different emphasis on the type of players that these German sides are using so effectively.

    The key to success now

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  • Gareth Bale has been named PFA Player of the Year and to me it was a difficult decision because there were three clearly outstanding candidates – Bale, Robin van Persie and Luis Suarez – and you could have made a case for any of them to win.

    When it comes down to such fine margins the key factor seems to be when the voting takes place and Bale was in sparkling form this year just when the ballots were being cast.

    People say that footballers don't take the PFA award seriously but that is not the case. It is something you actually get excited about as a player.

    You get the voting forms in and you

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  • Grey areas in violent conduct laws must end

    People have been comparing Luis Suarez’s 10-match ban for biting to Jermain Defoe, who bit Javier Mascherano back in 2006 and escaped with just a yellow card. To me that isn’t a good comparison, as deciding not to ban Defoe at all was completely the wrong decision. He should have been sent off seven years ago and you cannot really use that as a straight-up comparison.

    There is, however, an issue with how the FA decide on the length of suspensions.

    Suarez getting 10 games, for me, is too much. I definitely feel they were punishing the man and not the isolated incident. Personally, I would have

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  • Liverpool must keep Suarez, their Cantona

    Eric Cantona and Luis Suarez

    For a player to bite an opponent as Luis Suarez did to Branislav Ivanovic on Sunday is absolutely outrageous, and deeply shocking. It certainly was one of the worst things I have ever seen on a football pitch.

    There are very few major incidents that people remember because of how shocking they were and they include Paolo Di Canio pushing the referee, Suarez's first bite at another player when playing for Ajax and Eric Cantona assaulting a fan in the stands. All were unbelievable to see and made you question what place the individuals had in the game.

    People will debate whether Suarez biting

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  • There can be very little doubt that Chelsea have been toying with the idea of maybe relying less on such a powerful dressing room with strong characters like John Terry to the fore. Obviously, Didier Drogba has gone and Frank Lampard is going. So there is a bit of change going on at the club.

    It can be difficult for new players coming into such a situation. I think Chelsea are wanting to get to a point where they are relying less on these guys. It will depend on who the new manager is coming in to take over from Rafael Benitez, but I actually think that the squad rotation policy will help

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  • Hooliganism has been very wrongly seen within the wider football community to have evaporated and is no longer a part of our game, but that is quite clearly not the case.

    When you travel abroad it is often said that British football is fortunate to have eradicated violence associated with football fans, but when we have a weekend like we have just had, it makes that kind of view seem utter nonsense.

    It is very hard to know how complacent the football authorities and police have been in this country of late, and it will be very interesting to see what steps are now taken in the wake of the

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  • Has there ever been a better Champions League final four?

    Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sven Bender and Arjen Robben (Reuters)

    Though there were close shaves and controversy in the Champions League quarter-finals, I believe the four teams who came through were the right teams.

    I did find it ironic that the quarter-final that looked to be the toughest to call on paper ended up being the most comfortable as Bayern Munich advanced against Juventus. Bayern again proved just how good they are and remain on course for 'the treble'.

    Borussia Dortmund v Malaga and Barcelona v Paris Saint-Germain ended up being more exciting and a lot tougher than Dortmund or Barca would have anticipated, but we now have four genuine

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  • City have great players, but are not a great team

    It’s one thing to say Manchester City head into the latest derby clash at Manchester United merely playing to save face, but to me it’s much bigger than that.


    If City end up 18 points behind United after tonight’s match rather instead of at least making this run-in a tad closer and more competitive, there will be some serious questions being asked at the Etihad.

    To go from winning the Premier League one season and then being so far behind in the title race the next, you have to imagine some big changes will be made in the summer.


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  • Andy Carroll is never going to be a starter at Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers. That is for sure. He doesn't fit into the philosophy of the manager.

    I have never played in a team where you have a target man like Andy Carroll. I'm not sure he is the answer, especially with the way Premier League defenders defend these days.

    He is an option to stick on with 20 minutes left of a match. At times, when he is at it and performing at his best, he is unplayable - as he has proved in spells during his loan deal with West Ham.

    I would like to have him as an option at Anfield, though I can fully

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  • Di Canio will inspire Sunderland, at least until May

    Paolo Di Canio in charge of Sunderland – what do we make of that!?

    It is very, very difficult to predict how this goes, as it could easily be a masterstroke or a death knell for Sunderland.

    Obviously it’s a very brave appointment, and there are of course a few reasons which make it easy to understand why Sunderland would choose him.

    He undoubtedly did a very good job at Swindon Town, and has the potential to become an even better manager in the future. He gets a lot out of his players; I believe he keeps them training and working hard and there’s generally a good atmosphere when he is around.

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