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England’s Euro 2016 draw highlights Wembley’s stature as a white elephant

Jan Molby

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Wembley seen here hosting a concert by US band The Killers. With England landing an easy Euro 2016 qualifying draw, the Football Association will have to look at other ways to fill the national stadium.

The new Wembley is a fantastic stadium, but you do wonder if the £750 million it apparently took to build the ground was worth it? I don't think that money can be justified for a ground that the English national side struggle to fill these days.

You are getting less and less attractive competitive football. Your only chance to come anywhere close to filling it is with high-profile friendly fixtures.

Competitive qualifying matches for Euro 2016 is not enough to bring fans through the doors, but now England don't even have that. You have to worry about the crowds for qualifying matches against Estonia, San Marino, Lithuania and Slovenia.

Wembley will be only half full for those games. There will be a lack of atmosphere, a lack of edge and that is a problem the Football Association must deal with.

I played in the European Championship finals back in 1984 when it only contained eight teams. And what you had then was a really competitive qualifying campaign because you know there was no margin for error.

16 teams opened it up a bit more. That was the about the right amount, but 24 is probably too many because it is an easy path for countries like England.

It would be right to suggest it is probably too easy.

England obviously had aspirations to host the World Cup finals when they built Wembley. That will come at some stage, but who knows when?

It goes from continent to continent, and that could be decades off. We all must agree that too much money was spent on the Wembley project, especially with over £250 million still to be paid back on it.

At the moment, you would say it is a white elephant. It has hosted the Champions League final twice, but that doesn't compare to a major tournament.

The FA might just have to prepare themselves for empty Wembley Stadiums when it hosts international football in the future. The quality of the football is just not there for this campaign.

Carrying it around the country to the masses worked well in the past, but there is a lot more money to be had in London. That probably governed the decision to rebuild Wembley.

You would like to think the Premier League and Football Association will realise that the best money you will ever spend should be on grass roots football rather than bricks and mortar.

England want to have the technical skills level to win a World Cup. That would been a better use of their finances rather than on a shiny new stadium.

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Daniel Sturridge and Raheem Sterling during Liverpool's thrilling 4-3 win over Swansea.

Anfield the most exciting ground in England as Liverpool chase title

I think Liverpool are well in the hunt for the Premier League title. Simply because they create chances and score goals.

It is easy to criticise, but Liverpool have adopted the mindset that they will score one more goal than the opposition.

It is a risky policy you could argue, but so far it is working well for them. It is almost pointless criticising Brendan Rodgers about his side's lack of defensive qualities when his choice is to send out a team that wants to keep scoring goals.

The back four can't really deal with high balls and set-pieces. You feel that they might come unstuck before the end of the season, but they just keeping getting away with it as saw again in the 4-3 win over Swansea.

Why can they win the Premier League? Simply because of the firepower. It is incredible.

The season started with some uncertainty over Luis Suarez and whether Daniel Sturridge would be up to the task on his own, but suddenly you have got five men who carry a real goal threat with Philippe Coutinho, Raheem Sterling and Jordan Henderson all in excellent form. And all contributing with goals.

Sterling has been a revelation. Liverpool are going to take some stopping in this mood.

The one game I look forward to in the run-in is the Chelsea game. I think Manchester City will come to Anfield and go toe-to-toe with Liverpool, and the best team on the day will win.

But I am keen to find out if Jose Mourinho can stop Liverpool. Will he be able to tactically nullify Liverpool at Anfield?

That is the one I'm really looking forward to.

They have Spurs at home, but you feel like they can handle that. And Manchester United away will be challenging because of the history between the two clubs.

But it is all there for them with the matches they have to play. When you have that type of firepower, anything is possible.

Every Liverpool fan knows they can't defend, but they are enjoying the way they can attack.

I've been to a lot of Premier League games this season, but Anfield is clearly the place to be.

The fans are not prepared to criticise Brendan's defence because the side is entertaining and scoring goals at will.

He is keeping the attackers happy by playing the way they want to. He is not asking them to do anything they don't want to.

He is not asking them to do Mourinho-type jobs. He is just asking them to attack. And Liverpool look a happy squad.

City still have the biggest and best squad while Chelsea don't concede goals, but I think Liverpool can push it right to the end.

The least they will get this season is a Champions League spot. They can afford to go for it now. There are only 11 games left.

I think on current form, Liverpool can win most of them.

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