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Liverpool finally have to swallow pride over ‘brainwashed’ Suarez

Jan Molby

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It is unprecedented that Liverpool should be punished for something one of their players did while he was on international duty. They have no right of appeal and hopefully the reason behind that will be explained in FIFA’s report.



For their part, Liverpool have learnt from mistakes in the past. They will take their time and get the advice that they need and see how is best to take this forward – if indeed they wish to do anything. It may be a case where Liverpool swallow their pride and allow Suarez to take his punishment and move on.

There has been talk of Liverpool cutting their losses and cashing in on Suarez but the problem is that he is always going to play football.

Despite the baggage someone will want him and if he moves elsewhere, he will remain a fantastic football player. This is the last thing that Brendan Rodgers needs. There is so much pressure and expectation at Liverpool after last season.

Yet, Liverpool knew all along the risk when they signed him and knew the risk when they tied him down to a new contract. It is the risk you take when you employ a flawed genius.


He looks like he could miss the first three games of the Champions League and that could have a big impact on their ability to progress but Liverpool must be pragmatic.

Their target for next season will be to make the Champions League again and obviously he will help that goal.

For the rewards – and by rewards I mean Champions League football – Liverpool will, for the time being, put up with his baggage.

Furthermore, unfortunately for Liverpool there is no one out there who can replace him, as Liverpool are not be able to attract players of his calibre at this moment in time. They buy potential.

Suarez is head and shoulders above any other player that Liverpool have - and, as such, Liverpool won't want to do anything to further upset their star man as he already has issues with the media.

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However, the lack of accountability is unreal. We all to a man make mistakes. People allow you to move on once that mistake has been acknowledged. The first line from the statement from Suarez’s lawyer says it all really:

"We don't have any doubts that this has happened because it's Suarez and secondly because Italy was eliminated. There's a lot of pressure from England and Italy. We're polishing off a defence argument."

That is right. This has only happened because it is Luis Suarez and that is because he is the only serial biter in world football. He has done it for the third time.


The environment in the Uruguayan camp is far from helpful either. It is becoming a problem that he is currently away from Liverpool as he will be taking advice from people who will be trying to convince him that he is innocent and has done nothing wrong.

The other times when he has been in trouble he has been in Liverpool which has given the club the opportunity to sit down and talk with him. The big issue here is that these people are going to try to brainwash him into him believing that yet again he is the victim.

Uruguay are trying to defend him, even when it is indefensible. It has reached the stage now where there is no rhyme or reason for this.

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It is getting to the point where he is too much trouble but Liverpool are not yet at the stage where they can sell him on their terms. At the moment, you feel that even if Liverpool took £80 million for him tomorrow that they might panic and do what they did with the Fernando Torres money.

I think they need a bit more time to prepare themselves for the day Suarez is no longer there.

If Suarez were to move to Madrid, I think that it could be the worst thing that happens to him. Besides it being the biggest pressure cooker in world football, at Madrid players are expected to stand on their own two feet and face the media.

That pressure would compound his struggles.

I have heard from ex-teammates who have said that you get very little protection from the club. You’re a world star and you have to deal with it.

Suarez’s actions tend to be pressure linked and the pressure at Real Madrid could really compound his situation. One just has to look at Gareth Bale’s treatment in Spain, people were on his back before he had even kicked a ball and I am not sure how well Suarez would react to not being the main man.

Jan Molby


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