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Title would be fitting reward for Gerrard..and Liverpool can do it

Jan Molby

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Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Steven Gerrard's sparkling free-kick in the first half set Liverpool on the road to three vital points against Sunderland. It set up a 2-1 win that keeps the club on course for that historic first Premier League title.

Gerrard is a one-club man, and it would complete a tremendous set for him to go alongside the Champions League, UEFA Cup, UEFA Super Cup, FA Cup and League Cup. It would really fitting for a man who remains a terrific professional at 33. He is playing a slightly deeper role, but continues to show that he remains a clear and present danger in bursting forward and scoring goals.

It is difficult to judge players from different eras especially at clubs with the history of Liverpool.

But in the modern era you are looking at players such as Kevin Keegan, Kenny Dalglish, John Barnes, Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez...you can take your pick from those players.

Regardless of how you see it, Gerrard is among the best. In some people's opinion, he is the best.

I'm a John Barnes fan. He is overlooked, but I thought John was a wonderful player. In saying that, I never played with Kenny when he was at his best.

A lot of people think that Kenny might be the greatest, but I just think that Liverpool as a club are blessed having had so many great players.

They also have a stadium made for moments of great drama. You have to give some credit to Sunderland. They didn't play particularly well, but for a long time they found a system that frustrated Liverpool.

Liverpool have better quality than Sunderland, and that quality won the game for the home side.

A bit of magic from Gerrard's free-kick, and Sturridge and that was enough. The pace of their forward line continues to worry and frighten defenders.

I don't think Liverpool are about to go away in the push for the title. I think they will there right to the end.

But I think they have might have to win all seven remaining matches to have a chance of winning the title.

That might change as the season comes to a conclusion, but at the moment Chelsea and Manchester City are really clicking into gear.

You can't really see them dropping too many points. Liverpool have already won seven on the bounce. So it would be some record if they can win another seven. That would take them to 89 points. That might just do it.

You look at the three clubs, and the remaining fixtures, and apart from when they are meeting each other..I think they will pick up maximum points from the other clubs.

They are all very capable of winning all their games.

Liverpool have proved this season that they are capable of winning games they are expected to win.

They have no injuries or suspensions. The team looks very fresh. The only problem they have got is that the teams they are up against are two very good sides.

They are also playing very well. The thing that helps Liverpool is that they are ahead of time. That will make them relax a bit because Liverpool can only surprise.

The fans are dreaming, but nobody is expecting them to win it. You heard the Galatasaray coach Roberto Mancini after the Champions League game in Chelsea last week, and he was predicting Manchester City to win it.

I think most people are seeing it like that.

The fact that Liverpool are hosting Chelsea and City gives them genuine hope. I thought they put up really good performances against them away from home, and were slightly unfortunate to lose.

They will take some heart from those matches. City and Chelsea are always going to be accused of buying the title. Which is unfair because every club buys players, but Liverpool have been very good at getting more out of unheralded players.

A lot of neutrals would like the title to go to Anfield. I don't think Liverpool are feeling the pressure. It is only what happens in games that make players nervous, and last night made Liverpool a touch nervous.

Liverpool escaped with three points despite knowing they were not playing their best in the last 20 minutes. But they stood up to it and found a way of winning the game.

They know they are better than they were last night.

Spurs possess better players than Sunderland. They have all got ability, and are all capable. But Tottenham will come to Anfield trying to be aggressive.

They will try to play with a high defensive line, but that will play right into Liverpool's hands.

On the other hand, they have Christian Eriksen and Emmanuel Adebayor playing well. They have pace on the flanks if you throw in Andros Townsend and Aaron Lennon on their day.

They have good players, and are one of the better teams in the Premier League.

Spurs are highly unlikely to finish in the top four, but they are playing for pride and don't want to concede 11 goals in two games against Liverpool. That is what happened to them against Manchester City.

The Liverpool fans are trying to let the players know what a title would mean to them. It is almost unthinkable to think that in 24 years, Liverpool have never won the Premier League.

The fans are trying to tell the players that they will try to carry them over the line. There are four home matches left at Anfield, and it will be special. Nervy at times, but special.

Liverpool know what is needed. This is a good Liverpool side, and the fans recognise that they are more than capable of winning the title.

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