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Praise ‘The Ox’…but what was the point of signing Kallstrom, Arsene?

Jan Molby

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It's not really unusual to see Arsene Wenger changing players from one position to another as he is doing with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

He has done the same with another winger in the shape of Theo Walcott, who he has transformed into a central striker as his career progresses.

And Oxlade-Chamberlain also looks like being moved around - though in his case it might be before his time. After giving the youngster an easy introduction to life in the Premier League, Wenger has been forced to move him more central. It might be a touch premature, but I think in the longer term he is probably better suited to such a position.

He has proved he can play wide in the Premier League, but I don't think that he is anywhere near the finished article. I look at the qualities that he has, and I would be disappointed if there wasn't a lot more to come from 'The Ox'.

I think if he stays fit and continues to feature for Arsenal, he is surely a certainly to be going to the World Cup finals with England. He could easily operate in a similar role for his country in the years ahead.

He plays in a more withdrawn role, but has all the hallmarks of an all-round midfielder. He is a strong runner without being lightning quick. He is physically very strong, and scores goals. Not a lot of goals, but he is very much a goal threat.

I think he is still developing his understanding of the midfield role, and perhaps what is needed among his defensive qualities, but I think he has got all that is needed to give himself every chance of making it as a central midfield player in the Premier League.

His two goals against Crystal Palace yesterday showed off his attributes. The game happens a lot quicker when you play in central midfield rather than out wide; you have to be able to sort out your feet quicker, and your next pass.

That is where I think he needs to improve. From personal experience, it is all about selecting a better pass, and seeing it quicker. At the moment, he is perhaps wanting to take a touch too many.

But he will develop and get better as he gets older. He will improve with games. You often hear that the better players have the next move in their head already, and I believe this is very true from central midfield.

If you can't do that, you will never be good enough to play for Arsenal or England. But looking at Alex? I really think he has it all.

With all this in mind, I was totally shocked by the decision to bring in Kim Kallstrom from Spartak Moscow on loan.

He is physically very strong, but is a very one-paced player. I fail to see what he adds to the squad.

I understand he can play in the Champions League, but it is still a strange signing made even more bizarre by the fact he is injured, and won't be available for another six weeks or so.

I found it a real odd one. I think Arsenal are only paying half of his wages when he is fit to play, but even if they had got him for free between now and the end of the season it still wouldn't have made any sense to me.

By the time he gets himself fit, Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere will be back from injury. I'd rather see Oxlade-Chamberlain play in a role that he has still to learn than a 31-year-old Swede who is on loan.

It goes against Wenger's outlook, but he does like a little dabble every now and again.

He makes some short-term signings that make little sense. A bit like the Mikaël Silvestre signing a few years ago.

With their current squad, I think Arsenal are probably going to finish third this season. It has nothing to do with what we have seen this season. More about what we have watched over the past few years.

When Arsenal go into a clutch of really tough games, I don't think they have enough physically and mentally to come through winning enough matches.

Their defensive record at the Emirates is sensational, but I just think they don't win enough matches against the better teams. From what we have seen, that doesn't look like it is about to change.

People continues to worry about what will happen if Olivier Giroud gets injured, but at the moment he is fit and I don't think is making enough of a contribution.

They have a lack of options against better sides. Walcott's injury is a massive blow, for example. He is not a great player, but he does bring a lot to the side. And he is willing to go the other way.

Study Arsenal when they play. All their players run the same way. The wide players come towards the ball, Giroud comes towards the ball...

They get away with it because their players are very good, but sides like Chelsea just keep them in front and they can't hurt the better teams.

It is that sort of predictability that will damage them against better teams.

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