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Split personality Suarez has victim tendency

Jan Molby

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The last time Luis Saurez bit a player, people were trying to come up with reasons; it is obviously a reaction during big games when they are slipping away from him.

As a footballer, we have all been in those situations, there are a millions things that run through your mind but after weighing them up you elect not to do it and play the game in a fair way.

Luis Suarez does not do that. He reacts to things when they are not going his way in an inexplicable manner.

His handball in the last World Cup, which more or less denied Ghana’s progression to the semi-final stage, was unpalatable but we have seen those sorts of actions before and they will be seen again.

Let’s not forget, Uruguay are through but they will be without their best player for the knockout stages. His World Cup is surely over.

When a game is getting away from him or his side, he just can’t control that urge he has to do something silly. And you can’t do anything sillier than what he has done on three occasions.

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I really don’t know what goes on. People felt that he had changed after he had his best season ever but he clearly has demons.

Some of those demons reared their head after the England game, where he was talking about things that motivated him that I didn’t recognise – he claimed that he had been motivated by things that had been said about him in England but there has been nothing but admiration for the way he has played this season.

The stuff after the England game was unnecessary.

He kind of made up things to motivate himself. He obviously has this kind of split personality that helps motivate himself and that personality is probably accountable for what he has done today.

The majority of fans forgave many of his indiscretions because what he was giving the football public was moments that you could only dream of.

There was no massive build up to the World Cup where the British press were after him. He got a very fair run.

After this one, I think that a lot of people will give up on him.

He is obviously Liverpool’s most valuable player – many thought this was the summer where he would go to Spain for serious money. At best, Liverpool will fine him but I can’t see them sacking him. I doubt that they will try to force him out there door, either. It would be a brave call to stand by him though. A lot of the fans will be split.

It is tough call, whatever Liverpool do. Yet again, it is unacceptable behaviour. This will create news all over the world.

Personally, I have never had any dealings with him on a personal level and I don’t know any of the former players who speak to him. He very much keeps himself to himself and spends a lot of time with Lucas.

You don’t ever see him out and about. He looks shy.

There is something that triggers something unexplainable, though.

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Brendan Rodgers has done a great job getting Suarez to his best level but this will now be a massive blow for Brendan.

If I was Liverpool manager, I would be tempted to keep him – how do you replace his talent and goals? At the same time, can Liverpool trust Suarez if he says that he will never do these things again? I really don’t know.

Suarez appears to have a lack of accountability. He still feels hard done by with the Patrice Evra situation. In the end, once you have been found guilty, you apologise and move on but he has the tendency to play the victim.

It is a real shame. He is a wonderful footballer but his actions are unacceptable. Obviously the next 24 hours are going to be interesting. What will Suarez’s reaction be?

Jan Molby

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