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Suarez will stay at Liverpool – but key reason is not what you might think

Jan Molby

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Despite all the speculation, I truly believe that in his own head Luis Suarez has already decided that he is going to stay for another 12 months at Liverpool.

Yes, it is to see how far the club can go with him as the leading player in attack, but the main reason is because he is settled, happy and appreciated.

Sometimes you shake your head at modern-day contracts and wonder if they are really worth anything when it comes to negotiations for transfers and player exits. Loyalty cannot be expected given what we have experienced, but there is always that hope.

There will undoubtedly be lots of interest in Suarez this summer, but happiness is a huge factor when it comes to top players and one that is often very underrated.

If Suarez looks at his career up until this point he will realise that his best football has been with Liverpool and under Brendan Rodgers he is continuing to progress and to improve.

Liverpool under Rodgers have found a way of playing to Suarez’s strengths very effectively and he would be a fool to take that for granted given that it is unlikely to be the case if he were to move on.

Rodgers is making Suarez feel special and appreciated and there is no doubt that the forward is enjoying his football, perhaps more so than ever before, in a team bursting with pace and energy.

There may well be a bid or two coming in for the Uruguayan over the summer, but the responsibility and pressure then shifts to the Liverpool owners as to whether they can resist selling him for a huge fee to the likes of Real Madrid.

Personally, I would not sell Suarez for any price because the simple fact is that Liverpool would not realistically be able to replace him adequately from who is available on the market.

This is a very different situation to last summer when his head appeared to have gone; now, he is in a much better place mentally and will not be looking to leave at the first opportunity.

Suarez will stay, but not for the reasons many immediately think of. He is settled with his family and, no matter how much you earn or how badly you want to play for another club, that still counts for a great deal.

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No matter what any Liverpool fan says, if Suarez were to leave it would leave an even bigger hole in the side than Gareth Bale’s exit did at Tottenham – and that’s really saying something about his standing.

There is little doubt that a clause exists in his current contract regarding a potential move to Real Madrid, but I firmly believe and expect that he will stay at Liverpool for at least another season.

As long as Liverpool are in contention again next season, Suarez will likely be happy playing at a club where he is loved and appreciated with a team of young players working to complement his skill set.

Now that the club are in the Champions League, Liverpool need to sign two or three key players who can come straight in and be ready-made stars to bolster what is a desperately small squad.

The one question mark I still have over Brendan Rodgers as a manager is that he has not impressed so far in the transfer market. Can he and the transfer committee at the club be trusted to deliver the talent that is so badly needed?

Joe Allen, Iago Aspas, Fabio Borini – those are just three of the players Rodgers has brought to the club that have failed to convince at the highest level of the game. Put simply, Liverpool cannot afford for him and the committee to fail again.

Jan Molby

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