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Suarez can do things in a Liverpool shirt Dalglish couldn’t

Jan Molby

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The biggest compliment I can pay to Luis Suarez's four-goal performance against Norwich is that it was not a surprise. I don't think there was anybody, certainly not at Liverpool, who didn't think Suarez was capable of what he produced last night.

You always hear players being discussed these days, and critics saying they can do better. But you can't really level that accusation at Suarez.

He produces his 'A game' more than most players. It was almost an exhibition last night of all sorts of different play and different goals.

I think Luis is just below Lionel Messi and Cristinao Ronaldo in the world game, but they play in a league that is weaker than the Premier League.

Their goals tally are more impressive than Suarez, but he will fall just just below those two in a group that includes Franck Ribery and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He is that good.

There is no doubt he is an exceptional talent in the way he plays the game.

Is there anyone else who plays the game the way he plays it? He is very unique. He constantly asks questions, and is willing to take risks with the ball. I don't see another player who does what he does.

Kenny Dalglish didn't have as much ability with the ball on his own as Luis. Kenny was a great link-up player, who had wonderful vision.

If you gave him half a yard, he could really hurt you. But that third goal yesterday wouldn't have entered into the thinking of Kenny Dalglish.

He would have been quick to lay off the ball. Suarez was keener to hold onto the ball to see what might open up for him.

He is a gambler. He will hold on and hold on to possession until things open. More often than not, he is able to take advantage of space that is afforded him.

Liverpool will be looking for around £100 million if they are forced to sell Suarez next summer, but I don't think they are in any rush to cash in. Why would they be?

There will be interest in him next summer. More than the summer just gone by when Arsenal and Real Madrid were in the frame.

It is a double-edged sword for Liverpool. You can't expect Suarez to be producing the levels he is at now, and not attract attention.

How could they replace such a player? If you look at the top 25 players in Europe, Suarez is probably the only one who is not playing in the Champions League.

That is something Liverpool must look to address this season. I always said that with Suarez in the team, they would go very close to finishing in the top four.

With Daniel Sturridge out injured, I see no reason why Suarez can't average one goal a game for the next eight games when Sturridge is out injured. He is already at that level with 13 goals from nine matches.

Liverpool fans believe he is already playing for the greatest club in the world, but Suarez is South American and might just want to play in the Champions League.

Suarez also seems to have a real fondness for Real Madrid. Without Champions League football, Liverpool are going to struggle to land an adequate replacement, but I'm not suggesting they will sell him.

The performance last night was right up there with the great Anfield performances. Rush, Aldridge and Fowler were great goalscorers, but Suarez had a magic night.

It was the sort of performance that perhaps only John Barnes could have come up with.

It will be recalled as one of those performances that fans will look back on, and say "I was there" to witness it.

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