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Unstoppable City can win the quadruple

Jan Molby

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There have been some great Manchester United and Arsenal teams in Premier League history but if you are judging a side on pure attacking firepower, then nobody can match this current Manchester City outfit.

Winning 5-1 away at Tottenham would usually be a big thing but such has been the quality of City's play recently that I wasn't even really surprised about the result.

Spurs have made some progress under Tim Sherwood but when they come up against the better teams they still seem to be a little short. We saw that in the FA Cup against Arsenal and we saw it again last night.

City though are just unstoppable at the moment; you almost expect them to score four or five goals every time they play, whether it is home or away.

Chelsea will probably still be City's main rivals come the end of the season but they just don't create as many chances which leaves them vulnerable to results like they had against West Ham last night. Jose Mourinho does not have nearly the same quality of strikers as City do. They are too reliant on their attacking midfielders like Oscar and Eden Hazard, so there is a shortfall on goals compared to City that is hard to make up.

City may be only one point ahead of Arsenal and four points in front of Chelsea but I wouldn't worry too much about that. That's because their away form was suspect at the start of the season but they have figured out that problem now, and I don't think it is unthinkable that they run away with the league from here on in.

I feel the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal will still win plenty of games but the problem is City could win every single game from now until the end of the season.

There are always things that could go wrong. Samir Nasri is out at the moment and it looks like Sergio Aguero could be out for another spell; you still have slight concerns about them defensively; and there is better opposition to come. But, at the moment, I would back them against anybody – including Bayern Munich who have come to the Etihad this season and won very comfortably.

City are playing on a different level now than they were back then, and I feel they are very close to Bayern's level which is the benchmark.

The 'quadruple' is getting mentioned more and more as a possibility for City and while it might have sounded ridiculous a few months ago, now I really feel they could do it.

Obviously the Champions League will be the toughest hurdle. They have to get past Barcelona first and then potentially the likes of Bayern and Real Madrid, but the three domestic titles? I can see them winning all three of those.

It is also interesting to see City discover this amazing form while other clubs are scrambling around for new players in the transfer window.

One of the reasons why City look so strong is because they bought wisely and early during the summer. Even back then I felt they bought the players that they needed, and that they bought well.

Manuel Pellegrini stuck them into a system – a very simple system – and the players are just enjoying it. There are no grey areas anymore.

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Under Roberto Mancini it was a case of 'this week we will play like this, this week we will play like that' but Pellegrini plays exactly the same way home and away. It took some players a little bit of time to get used to that philosophy but they have all bought into it now and it is full steam ahead.

Footballers always want to win football matches, but when you are winning with stylish, attacking football, it makes the games so much more enjoyable and you don't feel the same tiredness that other teams do. There is not one single Manchester City player that looks tired at the moment.

They all look full of themselves because they are enjoying themselves but they also play the game with respect. Every game they start over again, they win the right to play their football and they win the right to create and score goals.

They know what the demands are, and they look more than capable of meeting those demands in every game. Simply put, they look unstoppable.

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