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Joey Barton

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Joey Barton

Eurosport is delighted - and yes, a little trepidatious - to announce that the incomparable Joey Barton will be giving us the benefit of his expert views for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The outspoken midfield star's career has seen him play for clubs including Manchester City, Newcastle and Marseille, while his efforts this season were instrumental in QPR regaining Premier League status.

But while it was his work on the pitch made him famous, it has been his controversial off-pitch activity that have cemented his iconic status - both through his misdemeanours, and his always articulate and controversial (but never dull) views on the beautiful game.

And you'll be delighted to hear that his first batch of contributions to Eurosport see him in fine form. First up, he tackles the thorny issue of why England always manage to disappoint their fans at major tournaments - and why, for the first time in over half a century, the national side will be heading to a World Cup in a position to do something extraordinary.

Barton also explains why he feels Roy Hodgson will be one step ahead of all the TV (and armchair) pundits when it comes to tactics in the opening match against Italy.

Some of England's young stars also come in for the Barton treatment, with Jordan Henderson singled out as a potential new superstar who could take the World Cup by the scruff of the neck. High praise indeed considering that Barton slaughtered his selection for Euro 2012.

Barton also casts his eye across the entire England squad, arguing that Roy Hodgson has made no mistakes in selecting his squad, and suggesting that Frank Lampard is still worth his place in the set-up - but not on football ability.

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