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  • Malaysian shooter will compete eight months pregnant

    Nur Suryani talks to husband after competing at 36th Southeast Asian Shooting Championship 2012 in Subang

    If you're looking for Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi as she makes her Olympic debut in  London, she shouldn't be too hard to miss. Just look for the eight-months pregnant woman with a gun.

    Nur Suryani, 29, will be the first woman to represent Malaysia in shooting. She will also likely be the furthest along in a pregnancy of any woman to ever compete in the Olympics. Only three other women have competed while pregnant, and they participated in the Winter Games, according to the New York Times.

    Nur Suryani, ranked 47th in the world and taking a year off from her job as a Malaysian Navy logistics

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  • The two athletes without a nation at the Olympics

    Two athletes are set to compete at the Olympic Games in London without representing a nation.

    Philipine van Aanholt (above) and Reginald de Windt (below, left) are attending the Games as Independent Olympic Participants.

    Photo: Curacao SportThey are both from the Netherlands Antilles, but following the dissolution of the islands in 2011, the Netherlands Antilles Olympic Committee had their membership of the International Olympic Committee withdrawn.

    That left Olympic-standard athletes without a nation to compete for in London.

    The Olympic spirit, however, is to encourage participation, and as such the duo will be

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  • Marriage has its ups and its downs, but the downs don't usually include being unable to sleep together.

    Sunday, Nick Green, chef de mission of the Australian Olympic Committee, told Australian Olympic shooters Russell and Lauryn Mark via email that they would not be able to room together in the Olympic Village during this month's London Games.

    The husband and wife Olympians are calling the mandate stupid and believe it was set off by Russell's pro-sleeping pill stance and Lauryn's provocative photo shoot in the latest issue of The Zoo, an Australian magazine geared towards the fellows.

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  • McDonald's product is pictured in a restaurant

    The upcoming Olympics will welcome athletes and spectators of all races, nations and creeds to London. With a record number of athletes expected to attend, the Summer Games will be the largest, most inclusive event in human history. That openness won't extend to chips.

    Because of an exclusive sponsorship deal with McDonald's, none of the other 800 food retailers on the grounds of 40 Olympic sites will be allowed to sell "chips or french fries" during the fortnight of the Games. It's part of a contract with the American fast-food giant that gives it exclusivity in the market.

    Want Burger King?

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  • Olympic village beds just 68 inches long

    Four-time Olympic gold medallist British rower Matthew Pinsent (L) helping to lift in the first of 16,000 beds to be installed in the Olympic Village

    Athletes at the Olympic Village may not want to bank on getting a good night's sleep. Beds in the apartments at the temporary Olympic residences measure 5-feet, 8-inches, a length that's far shorter than the average size of male athletes.

    Only 22 of the 261 American men going to the Olympics would fit in the regular bed. Michael Phelps - 6-4 - and Ryan Lochte - 6-2 - aren't close, for example. It's no wonder USA Basketball and other big stars shun the Olympic Village for the rough living of five-star hotels.

    Some of America's female athletes won't fit either (and not just the basketball

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  • Memorable moments: Lewis reigns in L.A

    Frederick Carlton Lewis. IOC Sportsman of the Century, IAAF World Athlete of the Century, Sports Illustrated Olympian of the Century.

    The American amassed nine Olympic gold medals over a 12-year period, but it was in Los Angeles that he made his mark indelibly with gold medals in the 100m, 200m, long jump and 4x100m relay - the same events won by Jesse Owens in Berlin 48 years earlier.

    Like Owens, who returned from the 1936 Games to a frosty reception and racial discrimination, Lewis found public adulation hard to come by originally.

    His cause was not helped by his approach to the long jump.

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  • Zuckerberg room-mate set for Olympics

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg seems to have his hands on everything these days. Now he's showing up in Olympic headlines.

    No, he hasn't been training with the Winklevoss twins to mend fences and boost his rowing skills. Bloomberg recently ran a feature on Zuckerberg's friend and freshman roommate from Harvard, Samyr Laine, who will compete for his parents' home country of Haiti in the triple jump in London.

    Laine, who first visited Haiti in 2007, realized that competition was stiff in the US and that his best chance of reaching his Olympic goal was to compete for the small Caribbean

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  • Watch teenager Gemili’s golden 100m run

    British sprint sensation Adam Gemili powered to an attention-grabbing 100m gold at the World Junior Championships in Barcelona.

    Gemili clocked a championship record 10.05 seconds to take three hundredths off his breakthrough personal best earlier this season, which secured the 18-year old former footballer a place on Great Britain's Olympic team.

    Coach Michael Afilaka is keen his star charge makes a gradual transition into the senior ranks and he'll arrive in London with a brief just to enjoy the experience.

    But after a miserable season for British sprinting, he is certainly winning a growing

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  • Meet Team GB

    Farah flying the flag for Team GB

    Great Britain's Olympic team will be 542 strong at London 2012, their biggest delegation in 104 years.

    The host nation will be represented in all sports and are aiming to win more medals in more sports since 1908, with a target of 48 medals set by elite funding agency UK Sport.

    The sports in which medals have been targeted are: Cycling 6-10, Rowing 6, Athletics 5-8, Swimming 5-7, Boxing 3-5, Sailing 3-5, Canoeing 3-4, Equestrian 3-4, Taekwondo 1-3, Diving 1-3, Triathlon 1-2, Hockey 1-2, Gymnastics 1-2, Modern Pentathlon 1-2, Tennis 0-2, Archery 0-1, Badminton 0-1, Fencing 0-1, Judo 0-1,

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  • British medal hopes: Ed McKeever

    Dubbed the 'Usain Bolt of the water', sprint canoeist Ed McKeever is one of Great Britain's biggest medal hopes for the London Olympics.

    Selected to compete in the 200m category for Team GB, the 28-year-old from Bradford-upon-Avon, has an abundance of pace on the water and an intense training regime to make most people wince.

    McKeever won gold at the world championships in 2010 and topped the podium twice at the 2011 world cup series after having already record one of the fastest-ever times over the distance — 34.2 seconds.

    The canoeist could be Team GB's last gold medallist of the Games due

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