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Aussie paper’s medal table pokes fun at North Korea

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The Brisbane Metro's medal table

An Australian newspaper has provoked smiles across the world after it had some fun with its Olympic medal table.

Both North and South Korea are riding high in the top 10 of the medal table at this early stage of the Games, but rather than list their official country names the Brisbane Metro decided to rechristen them. Thus, instead of North Korea and South Korea the table has 'Naughty Korea' and 'Nice Korea'.

Possibly it was a tactic to help readers remember which of the countries is which: South Korea is a technologically super-savvy nation that is a staunch ally of the West, while North Korea is a mysterious military dictatorship most often seen in the news for its attempts to build an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

The IOC would no doubt frown upon such judgemental antics from the paper, but considering how Games organisers ran the South Korean flag up ahead of North Korea's opening match of the Olympic football tournament then maybe it's not a bad idea trying to remind people that they are two separate nations.

In the latest standings, incidentally, 'Naughty' Korea trails 'Nice' Korea by two golds.

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