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BBC apologise after incorrectly referring to medal winner’s mother as dead

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The BBC were forced into an embarrassing on-air apology after referring to gold medal-winning boxer Luke Campbell's mother and sister as dead — while his mother had been alive and in attendance for his moment of triumph.

The 24-year-old outpointed Ireland's John Joe Nevin in the final match of the bantamweight division to pick up Great Britain's 28th Olympic gold of the medal at the London 2012 Games.

Presenter Gabby Logan, praising the fighter on his victory, mentioned his triumph over adversity, given the loss of Campbell's mother and sister in a car crash in 2006.

However Campbell's background was confused with that of fellow British fighter Freddie Evans, whose mother Tracy and sister Scarlett passed away in 2006. Evans will box for the gold medal in the welterweight division later today.

Fans took to Twitter to send their congratulations and commiserations to Campbell — only to find out that Campbell's family were indeed fine from users who knew better.

And Logan had to make a hasty correction before the end of her programme, clarifying: "We just want to tell you that we gave you erroneous information about Luke Campbell's mother and sister and we are happy to tell you that his mum was watching tonight."

The apology continued later on Twitter, with Logan writing: "Huge apologies to Luke Campbell's family. His Mum is alive and well. Some erroneous information made it to air. I can only apologise."

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