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Best- and worst-dressed of the London opening ceremony

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Paraguay's Leryn Franco parades with her country's delegation during the opening ceremony (AFP)

Our old friend, Leryn Franco, aka the Hot Paraguayan, kicks off the list of the best- and worst-dressed delegations of the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.

As always, our rankings our completely arbitrary. We should note that we pay special attention to national identity in this list. It's all dependent on who's wearing what. If the Americans rocked the Swedes outfit, it'd be a disaster - not as big as the Ralph Lauren scarf/beret debacle, but pretty bad. Because they're Swedes, however, thick, horizontal stripes and shorts works. They're Scandinavian. They can pull off anything! Onto the list!

The best

The Netherlands

You can't pull off orange pants. I can't pull off orange pants. Only Dutch athletes can pull off orange pants.

The worst

Great Britain

Are they in Abba? A cult? A recreation of Puffy and Mase in the "Mo Money, Mo Problems" video?

Chris Chase, Yahoo! Sports

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