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The day the Olympic champion jumped while drunk

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Russia's Ivan Ukhov was in fine form to win Olympic high jump gold - but he hasn't always been in such good shape while competing.

Ukhov became an internet sensation four years ago for the above video when he competed in an event in Russia while clearly drunk.

Ukhov was issued with a 'strong warning' by the IAAF at the time, but he has clearly got his act together now.

However, the eccentric star did not have a completely stress-free evening in London.

He was forced to borrow a T-shirt at the Olympic stadium after his vest was stolen midway through the competition.

"I had put it (vest) in my bag as I always do after each attempt but it disappeared. Someone might have stolen it," he was quoted as saying by Russian media on Wednesday.

The shaggy-haired Russian jumped 2.38 metres in rainy conditions on Tuesday night to clinch the gold while his nearest rival, American Erik Kynard, could only manage 2.33m.

Fans at the London Olympic stadium as well as millions watching the competition on television were amazed to see Ukhov making the winning attempt in a light-blue T-shirt instead of his national team kit.

Ukhov asked compatriot and 2008 Olympic champion Andrei Silnov to give him a spare shirt after he discovered the loss.

"I was afraid I could be disqualified for not wearing a proper uniform but in the end it turned out just fine. It was symbolic that I won gold in Silnov's shirt. I guess Andrei being the 2008 champion just passed me the good luck," Ukhov said.

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