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Dopey US star almost misses record frenzy

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Team USA's record-breaking 156-73 win over Nigeria (no, that's not a misprint) on Thursday featured many notable performances, including a torrent of three-pointers and the sort of crushing triumph we tend to associate with the 1992 Dream Team.

Records were knocked down with extreme regularity, the most eyecatching being the total US score which surpassed the previous Olympic record - the 138 scored by Brazil against Egypt in the 1988 Games.

It was the kind of game in which pretty much everyone got in on the fun, because the score was always absurd enough that each player could get his fair share of playing time.

In theory, that would have been particularly good news for Anthony Davis, the most recent top pick in the NBA Draft and clearly the runt (relatively speaking, of course) of this year's men's basketball litter.

Davis has found it hard to grab playing time among the established stars of Team USA, and any run he gets is an opportunity to show the world that he's the odds-on favourite to win Rookie of the Year in the NBA this season.

So, as Team USA accelerated to a ridiculous 49-25 lead after one quarter, it looked as if Davis would get his time to shine. Except he didn't play until the second half, because, as reported by Craig Sager during the NBC Sports Network broadcast, Davis somehow forgot to bring his jersey. At one point, he even got out of his seat to check into the game before being sent back by head coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Davis eventually recovered his jersey and was able to play in the second half, which he started off with an alley-oop from teammate Carmelo Anthony. With the game secure, Krzyzewski also gave Davis plenty of minutes — he played 15 of the second half's 20 and finished with nine points.

So, which new records were set during the annihilation of Nigeria?

1. Olympic record, total points: 156.

2. Olympic record, half-time score: 78.

3. US Olympic record, winning margin: 83 points.

4. US Olympic record, individual scoring record: Carmelo Anthony, 37.

5. US Olympic record, three-pointers sunk: 29 from 46 attempts.

6. US Olympic record, field goals: 59.

7. US Olympic record, field-goal percentage: 71.

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