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Farmer creates incredible Usain Bolt maze

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A giant maze of Usain Bolt doing his famous lightning celebration has appeared in Burton-upon-Trent.

Farmer Tom Robinson created the maze, which covers 15 acres and has five kilometres of pathways. From the air, Bolt's character is 150 metres tall.

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Photo: Newsteam

Those a-maze-ing statistics make it one of the biggest mazes in the world.

"I'm a massive Usain Bolt fan," said Staffordshire farmer Robinson.

"With the Games coming to London this year, I wanted to create an amazing tribute to an amazing athlete.

"When I was planning the maze I had a dream that Bolt ran the 100m in a record time.

"So I've stuck my neck out and carved that time into the maze - whether my dream comes true I don't know, but I do know we're going to see a thrilling 100m final."

Robinson has admitted that the maze is not exactly as he would like it, as he has had some issues with the weather, but he hopes to open it to the public by July 28.

"We have faced our own Olympic challenge to get the maze cut out with all the rain we've had," he said.

"The crop is only half the height it would normally be by now and we have had to delay opening by two weeks.

"However it still makes a great maze for visitors to explore and it will continue growing throughout the summer."

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Bolt doing his lightning pose in Oslo last month

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