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What was Mo Farah’s celebration all about?

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Mo Farah doing 'The Mobot'

Mo Farah won Britain's first ever gold in the Olympic 10,000m on Saturday night with a stunning run that will never be forgotten by anyone who watched it.

The skill he showed in jostling his way through the pack during a boisterous and physical race, and then the raw speed he displayed by running the final lap in a blistering 53.88 seconds, instantly became the stuff of British sporting legend.

But after his run he puzzled many fans with his unusual celebration for the cameras, pointing both hands towards the middle of his head to make two arches.

So what was it all about? Was he trying to do a Gareth Bale-style heart shape? Is he sponsored by a certain fast food chain that also uses arches in its branding? Is he a little teapot with two handles?

The celebration actually dates back to Farah's appearance on a TV sporting quiz show called 'A League of Their Own', during which quizmaster James Corden suggested that the runner come up with his own Usain Bolt-style celebration mime.

Also on the panel that night was BBC presenter Clare Balding, who suggested that the 'M' from the 'YMCA' dancer might be a good idea to reflect the athlete's first name.

The 'Mobot', as it was quickly christened, became a regular part of Farah's track appearances, and he uses it whenever he wins a race.

In the past the celebration has got him into trouble: fellow competitor Anthony Whiteman launched a vicious tirade at Farah for having done the 'Mobot' 50m from the line during a 5,000m heat at a recent race in Birmingham.

"That is moving away from athletics and towards celebrity. Jessica Ennis would not have done that," Whiteman said. "There will be less people who care about him losing if he keeps behaving like that."

Considering that this may well be the first time you have heard of Whiteman, while Farah is now one of the most famous men in Britain, it's safe to say that that Whiteman was dead wrong about that.

All together now: do the Mobot!

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