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Venue guide: Velodrome

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Where is it?: Olympic Park, Stratford, East London.

How do you get there?: The Velodrome is located to the north of the Olympic Park, which can be reached by rail, underground, Docklands Light Railway, bus or coach. National Rail, London Underground and DLR all serve Stratford station to the east of the park and West Ham station to the south, while Transport for London has bus stops in the area and there will also be coach services to the park.

Capacity: 6,000.

What events will be held there and when?: Track cycling (August 2-7).

Public facilities: A back-of-house food area that will be shared with the Basketball Arena.

History: The first venue to be completed in the Olympic Park — in February 2011 — and it came in under budget to boot at around £93million. It was not long before the Velodrome started picking up accolades, attracting a top award for structural engineering last year. Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy assisted in the design of the venue, which is probably the 'greenest' in the park, with the Siberian pine for the track being approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, the ventilation system being completely natural and full use being made of natural light. The 6,000 seats are split into three tiers, with 3,500 in the lower section around the track and the rest divided into two upper tiers housed in the curves of the Velodrome's roof.  After the Games the stadium will form part of a Velopark also including a BMX track, a one-mile road circuit and a mountain bike course.

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