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Osborne booed at Paralympics medal ceremony

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Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne was left red-faced after being roundly booed by the Olympic Stadium crowd when he made an appearance at the Paralympics.

The Conservative MP presented medals to the top three runners in the Men's T38 400m, an event won by Mohamed Farhat Chida of Tunisia.

The public have embraced the event, filling stadiums and supporting athletes, but they turned on Osborne, 41, when he was announced to the crowd.

The boos swelled around the Olympic Stadium. Initially the politician tried to laugh it off, but looked progressively more uncomfortable as the booing continued.

The Chancellor had admitted at the weekend that it was "not surprising" that the man in charge of the UK's budget should be unpopular at present.

Britain is currently in recession for the second time in four years, and many people blame the austerity measures implemented during Osborne's time in office for the difficult economic times.

Osborne was not alone in being booed - there was a mixed reception earlier in the day for Prime Minister David Cameron, who was in attendance at the Aquatics Centre.

Cameron presented Ellie Simmonds with her second gold medal of the Games, and received a vote of confidence from the 17-year-old afterwards.

"I've met him at his house, in number 10. It's great to meet him in my place, really, at the pool," she said.

The boos for the pair were in stark contrast to the reception fellow Conservative Boris Johnson, the current Mayor of London, has enjoyed throughout the Olympics and Paralympics.

Even former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who presented medals to swimmers earlier in the day, was treated to a full cheer from the crowd when his name was announced.

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